MC student reflects on her class trip to Switzerland

Whether you have a fear of flying, feel uncomfortable speaking a foreign language, or are simply hesitant to explore territory unknown to you, I urge you to consider pushing past your comfort zone.

Upon coming to Maryville College, the thought of studying or traveling abroad seemed simply unattainable for many reasons. However, I am quite practical and noted that the travel abroad class to Switzerland would cover multiple course requirements that I needed to graduate.

This was the best argument I had when trying to convince my parents that taking International Child Welfare was worth the time and money that I would put into it.

Little did I know, this would be the highlight of my time in college. While it sounds trite, traveling with the class was a life changing experience.

Not only did the trip challenge my ability to adapt to new situations but it also brought to surface many strengths I did not know I had.

It is truly incredible that a 10 day trip can really stretch the boundaries of your mind in such a short amount of time.

There were moments when I felt incredibly exhausted and others when I felt simply surreal.

This trip led me to meet incredible global leaders at the United Nations Office, touch some of the most beautiful European architecture, and breathe in the freshest air of the Swiss Alps.

These things simply have no price when you get to experience them for yourself. There is certainly something to be said for being bold and brave in the choices you make to make your path. So be brave and consider making the Switzerland trip a part of your MC journey!

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