MC welcomes John McMurtrie as new Safety and Security Admin

John McMutrie, Maryville College’s new head of Safety and Security.

New Safety and Security Admin, John McMurtrie, brings years of law enforcement experience to campus. With his witty emails, McMurtrie has already shown us his intention to bring levity to would-be dry conversations, but don’t let the jokes fool you, when it comes to the campus rules and regulations, McMurtrie is all business.

Replacing long time Campus Safety and Security Admin Jack Piepenbring, McMurtrie started his new role as Admin of the department on June 1, and has already been making an impact on campus with a humorous tonality in emails regarding parking and minor safety concerns.

“We’re going to be safe, but we’re also going to have fun.” Said McMurtrie regarding the emails, “I enjoy the challenge of making a somewhat dry and irritating concept into something more enjoyable to read for students.”

When a change of office administrators happens in a department like our campus Safety and Security office, students might be inclined to feel apprehensive, not knowing exactly what to expect. With the power to change the dynamic of our campus life, this position is an important role, and like our uniquely brilliant selection of faculty and staff, McMurtrie fits the bill as he brings experience, tact, humor, and serious proficiency, to the position.

“Highly qualified” is the term many would use regarding McMurtrie’s background in law enforcement, with 6 years as a Pennsylvania State Trooper, and 23 years as an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, along several years with different companies in positions that require a high-level security clearance.

His time here at Maryville College marks the start of a new chapter for McMurtrie, who recently moved to the area.

“I’m somebody’s pap” Said McMurtie referring to being a grandfather, in explaining the reasoning for his relocation to Knoxville from Franklin TN. McMurtrie and his wife came to the area at the beginning of this year to be closer to two daughters who also live in this area, and his grandchildren.

McMurtie made it clear to me in our interview that the students, their well-being, and their experience at our college, are at the forefront of his priorities.

“When you go to college, you are a customer, whether you realize it or not, you are buying a service.” Said McMurtrie. “You’re entitled to demand good service. This is what we [The Safety and Security staff] aim to contribute, good service, for all of our students.”

“With someone as experienced as John, he brings knowledge not only to our department, but to the campus as a whole.” Said Yosef Addis, a veteran Officer of Campus Safety and Security of over 20 years. “he is very helpful, and eager to be involved in resolving matters both big and small.”

Though our campus is smaller in size, and somewhat secluded up here on the hill, McMurtrie wants to remind students that “it is always a safe practice to lock your cars, and lock your dorm rooms.”

Email and contact information for McMurtrie, as well as all over Safety and Security officers can be found in the College Directory located on our college’s website.

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