Maryville’s 2018 fall show titled “Metamorphoses,” is a collection of Greek short stories portraying moral dilemmas. Some audiences may shy away out of fear that the production would be confusing, or too old to understand, but there’s an exciting twist: the stage has a fully functional pool built in to help bring the stories to life.

Director Heather McMahon has completely modernized this year’s fall production. She, along with several cast members, assure that the audience will have no trouble understanding the plot or language. When asked what prompted her to choose “Metamorphoses” for this year’s show, McMahon described the work as “a look at the human emotional experience, and the timeless, transformative power of love.”

With the addition of the pool, this production will be a unique experience that no one will want to miss. The audience has a chance to get up close and personal with the actors, and the water. When choosing a place to sit it’s important that the audience is prepared for the front row being a “splash zone,” according to Technical Director Kevin Grigsby. They will be selling ponchos at the door, and all proceeds go to Alpha Psi Omega, the theatre organization here on campus. This can be a fun way to get more involved with the production, and will help bring the show to life for the audience.

If audience members don’t wish to be splashed during the performance, there are plenty of other areas to sit and stay dry. With the Flex Theatre transformed into thrust-style seating, audience members are able to sit on three different sides of the stage to experience different perspectives of the show, or even in the balcony to have a complete view of the stage.

A few of the actors gave their takes on the production as well. Caston Weeks, who plays the characters of Poseidon, Silenus, and Eros, is excited for this experience because it has helped push him out of his comfort zone and deal with more “mature content.” It has been a fun challenge to “reach a new level of energy onstage,” according to Josh Woods who plays Narrators, Sleep, and a “Gay Tree.”

Lilly Potter, who plays Midas’ daughter, Psyche, and Myrrah, has enjoyed “playing different roles and producing strange emotions [onstage].” All of the actors feel as though their skills have improved greatly, and are excited about joining their new community to grow as actors.

When asked what the audience can expect from the production, Grigsby said “it has uncomfortable moral moments, but that’s the point. Come in with an open mind.” The show is beautifully written and “transformative, timeless, and timely” according to McMahon. No matter what previous knowledge audience members have of Greek mythology, they are sure to have a fun and eye-opening experience with this production.

“Metamorphoses” premiers on Thursday, Oct. 11, at 8:00 p.m. in the Flex Theatre in the Clayton Center for the Arts, with additional show times throughout the weekend. Students get in free with their ID. The cast and crew can’t wait to see you there!

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