Pistol Creek Catch of the Day brings catchy tunes to Maryville

Local band Pistol Creek Catch of the Day’s new album is on sale now in the Maryville College bookstore. The local folk/bluegrass group is made up of Dr. Carl Gombert, an MC art professor; Bill Cabage; Edward Harper; and Scott Hinds.

The self-titled album also features performances by Maryville College student Eric Hearney, who plays the euphonium.

The album, a mix of folk, swing and boogie tunes, would never have been released, were local radio stations not interested in promoting the band.

“We were originally hesitant about recording a CD because we didn’t want to be another bunch of musicians with a trunk full of unsold CDs, and we’re not looking to ‘make it’ as musicians,” Gombert said.

With a push out the door from local radio stations, the new album has added a whole new level to the band’s popularity.

Pistol Creek Catch of the Day has been a presence in both Blount and Knox counties since their performances at local establishments such as Tomato Head, Mast General Store and Blue Plate Special began airing on WDVX radio station in Knoxville.

Additionally, the band has played several years in a row at the Foothills Fall Festival in downtown Maryville and has also taken advantage of the new Clayton Center for the Arts, with a performance there earlier this summer.

The first and only album produced by Pistol Creek includes songs ranging from “Ham and Eggs for Breakfast,” a bluesy piece about spousal murder, to “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It),” a cover of the song by Beyonce Knowles.

“Clip-On Tie,” a catchy song about a woman’s preference for the easily removable men’s accessory, utilizes the unique sounds of the stumpf fiddle, as played by Dr. Gombert. The song, like most on the album, has a boogie feel that creates an atmosphere reminiscent of the swing kings of the early twentieth century.

The general sound of the album elicits dancing, finger-snapping and foot-tapping with such melodies as “Boondry” and “Choo-Choo Ch’Boogy.” Adversely, “Thunder Road,” a bluegrass take on the Robert Mitchum ballad about the devil and moonshine, brings a bluesier feel to the album.
“The biggest obstacle [for recording the album] is that we all have jobs with demanding and variable schedules,” Gombert said.

Pistol Creek recorded the album in December of 2010 and January of 2011 with the aid of MC music professor Dr. Bill Swann, who recorded and mixed the CD.

The band is anticipating several upcoming concerts, the first scheduled to take place on Oct. 8 at the Jig ‘N Reel in Knoxville, followed by a fundraiser for Harmony Adoptions on Oct. 15.

Pistol Creek is also planning an album-release party, which would take place in the near future, although specific dates aren’t yet known.

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