Poetry submission: “Abroad” by September Wilson

September is a senior majoring in Business Management. They are currently the Business and Events manager for Impressions. Wilson uses poetry as both a creative and an emotional outlet. 


by September Wilson

Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Manhattan, Times Square.

Scotland, England, New York, Home.

Work only consumed half of my time, so I spent weeks traveling to places I had only ever dreamed of. Hopping like a spring frog from city to city, my bags were always packed.


Edinburgh had the most beautiful architecture. Bright yellow flowers consumed every empty field. The Royal Mile is no joke.


I was expecting to carry my umbrella with me everywhere, but I hardly touched it. We took our sunny, Tennessee weather with us across the ocean. Castles, Manors, and endless greenery filled up my memories. My new friends filled up my heart.

New York.

The smell of weed and cigarettes consumed us; the subways needed a good wipe down. The sunset view from the top of the Empire State Building is a force to be reckoned with. Central Park greenery was the only thing that reminded me of home.


My cat purrs next to me as I finally take a nap in my own bed. My bags are unpacked; my clothes are put back in their final resting place. I am at peace. 

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