Pre-game music: what’s on the baseball team’s playlist

If you have taken a walk around campus while the Maryville College baseball team is practicing, you have probably heard numerous bops blasting from the field.

The playlist seems to have no end or volume limit. So who made the playlist?

Samuel Joiner, team member and MC junior, has been credited with creating it. Team member

“It was a collaborative list, and if players have a song they want to hear they can submit it,” said freshman Luke Williams.  

It is unknown at the time if the playlist is public, but maybe with some convincing these diamond DJ’s will let us all enjoy the home run hits without sitting outside during practice. Maybe that was their plan all along? Whether you are a fan of baseball or a fan of Luke Bryan, the baseball field has become a source of buzz and controversy about campus.

Its mostly country music,” said junior Ariel Kaylor. “I like it, but I think its odd thats the music they play. I like hearing it whenever I walk across campus.

Other students had differing opinions.

“I dont see how, at times, it is motivating,” said junior Morgan Gast. “It seems very relaxed, and that doesnt seem to add up to how baseball practice should be.

Love it or hate it, it does not seem like the baseball team has any intentions of turning down the tunes any time soon.


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