Quotes That Really Describe the End of the Semester

“If you cannot be unafraid, be afraid and happy” — “The Raven King,” Maggie Stiefvater

 “Too much coffee, not enough pancakes.” — “Lady Midnight,” Cassandra Clare 

“You can’t rush perfection”— “House of Hades,” Rick Rioridan 

“Being productive. / Ugh. / It’s such a human concept. It implies you have limited time (LOL) and have to work hard to make something happen (double LOL).” “The Dark Prophecy,” Rick Rioridan 

“Don’t overthink it . . . It’ll just make you depressed. In fact, try not to think at all.” “The Dark Prophecy,” Rick Rioridan 

“‘What is the limit as x approaches one of one minus x-squared over x to the fourth minus x?’ I read. ‘Iambic pentameter,’ Mel says. ‘You are?’ ‘Minus two-thirds,’ Henna answers. We look up to Jared. ‘Yep,’ he says. ‘It’s not iambic pentameter?’ Mel says.” “The Rest of Us Just Live Here,” Patrick Ness 

Anything. I don’t want to do anything. I don’t even want to start this day because then I’ll just be expected to finish it.” — “Fangirl,” Rainbow Rowell 

“‘Why are you so tired?’ ‘Because I party hard. All night. Every night,’ Nick says. ‘If by ‘party,’ you mean your calculus homework.’ ‘WHATEVER.'” — “Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, Becky Albertalli 

“A man is relieved and gay when he has put his heart into his work and done his best; but what he has said or done otherwise shall give him no peace.” “Self-Reliance,” Ralph Waldo Emerson 

“Don’t make it perfect. Make it awkward, as awkward as you think you are.” “The Story of Awkward,” R.K. Ryals 

“No, you used nouns and verbs together in a pleasing but illogical format.” — “The Dream Thieves,” Maggie Stiefvater“‘Hey . . . are you okay?’ ‘I’m fine,’ Clary said. ‘I’m fine. Everything’s fine.’ ‘Clary.’ She felt Isabelle’s hand on her hand, slowly unclosing Clary’s fingers. Her hand was wet. Clary realized that she had been gripping one of Isabelle’s hairpins so tightly that the ends had dug into her palm and blood was running down her wrist . . . ‘You’re not fine.’” — “City of Heavenly Fire,” Cassandra Clare

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