Senior Wills

Graduating seniors leave their final reflections and legacies to the students and staff they leave behind as they begin the long and arduous journey of becoming real adults. Best of luck to all of you. Go make MC proud!

I, Ariana Hansen, would like to will my comps study guide to Rachel Chestnut and my Maryville College design empire to whoever wants it.

I, Claire Palmer, would like to will my collegiate sass and judgement to Halie Miller.

I, Elizabeth Smith, would like to will Madison Sexton to continue to seek God’s will and serve the community in the name of Jesus Christ.

I, Rachel Blevins, would like to will all my countless hours of studying and doing homework for interpreting classes to Brooke Stallsmith.

I, Payton Pruitt, would like to will my creativity in assignment creation and procrastination to my friends from the class of 2017 in the hopes that they can use it to help get through their senior year with the least amount of stress in knowing they’re able to complete their assignments on time, even if they’ve waited until the last minute.

I, Rachel Long, would like to will my immaculate street cred to Mindy Dawn Reagan.

I, Haley Sullivan, would like to will countless hours of lesson plan work to teacher licensure students to come.

I, Lizzie Ruch, will my powers to call to the seagulls, my Nutella brownie-baking skillz, and my ability to watch entire seasons of a series at a time to my roommate and best friend, Grace Costa.

I Brittany Miller, will long nights of driving around Maryville and through the mountains to all incoming freshmen. I will a little bit of my big heart to Katie Stephens as she conquers her senior year. And I leave my energy and enthusiasm for taking on LITERALLY everything to Boomer Russell as he carries on the traditions of the over-involved MC student.

I, Evy Linkous, would like to will plenty of my sass to Katie Stephens, the ability to shine like the stars to Lauren Garris and LITerally everything else to Boomer Russell.

I, Callie Crabtree, would like to will my Maryville College Converse to Maryville College or to Cooper

I, Cole J.L. Burns, bequeath my organizational/time management skills to the new InterVaristy leadership team, and I will my emotional endurance to be the keeper of all the young men in InterVarsity to Danielle Everett.

I, Courtney Smith, would like to will sleepless nights and nervous breakdowns studying for History comps to Morgan Strain.

I, Loudine Louis, would like to will positivity and love in all endeavors to all those who will after me. If no one else believes in your or your abilities, I do and will forever.

I, August Patice Greer, would like to will the full responsibility, the occasional stress, and the awesomeness of leading the MC Dance Ensemble to Addi Bryson, Claire Macmillan, and Candace Whitman.

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