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As students begin completing projects, papers and theses, the Student Government Association (SGA) has been prepping to provide students with opportunities to relieve stress.

The Campus Life Committee has been hard at work, under the leadership of Junior Class President Allison Aguado and Junior Class Vice-President Ariel Kaylor, preparing stress balls to be distributed during the biannual finals breakfast. In addition, therapy dogs are planned to make an appearance as those are always well received by our students.

In addition, Aguado took notes during the fireside chat with Dean Tucker and Dean Wells. The biggest topic of discussion was the implementation of May term and how it will affect the class of 2019 specifically. The question being: How will replacing J-Term effect juniors who are still required to complete an ethics course next year? Many students have traditionally taken an ethics course during J-Term. Dean Wells reassuringly said that the ethics course is planned to be offered during the regular semesters, but if students cannot fulfill this during this time, it is expected to be offered during the first May term at no cost for the class of 2019.

Another question of concern was the cost of May term. The plan is not in place currently, but students can expect the cost to shadow that of summer courses. Dean Wells also wanted students to know that the college wants feedback from students for what should be offered during May term.

Looking ahead to next semester, the Internal Affairs committee is planning to hold elections for vacant positions during J-Term next year. The expected vacant positions are as follows: Senior Secretary/Treasurer, Senior Senator, Freshman Secretary/Treasurer, Copeland Senator, Court Street Senator, Gibson Senator, Pearson’s Senator, Commuter Senator, and an International Representative.

If you are eligible to run, SGA encourages you to do so. The petitions will be available during the first day of classes for J-Term.

On a friendly note, have a fantastic winter break! We look forward to serving you next semester!

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