SGA plans to make changes to the room selection process

Next semester, the Student Government Association will attempt to reconstruct the room selection process for next year.

The goal of this bill is to maximize the amount of students per room and to reduce some of the stress involved in the room selection process. Due to the increase of students on campus, the bill will attempt to solve the problem of too many students buying out double rooms.

SGA is working closely with Laura Smith, resident director and housing coordinator and Kristen Gourley, director of campus life, who are providing advice for improvements to the bill.

Freshman Cole Burns is in charge of the committee that will attempt to shape the bill to most adequately address the current problems in the room selection process.

“We are trying to make sure each room is full initially before allowing students to get doubles, and then buying them out,” Burns said.

The policy has not come to a vote yet, but the process will begin at the start of next semester and should be in place by September or October of 2013. This bill will be focused on students’ ability to choose an international or transfer student and whether they have the option to buy out a room.

“Students feel as though the current lottery system is fair, so unless we receive a lot of complaints, that aspect will remain the same,” Burns said.

The lottery will still favor seniority for upperclassmen students.

The other notable change that SGA is hoping to make is to break up different times for student to participate in room selection depending on the number received in the lottery. With the new bill, SGA is hoping to minimize the amount of time spent waiting to choose a room.

If the new changes are accepted, students will be informed of what it would mean for their future room selection.

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