Should Students Be Allowed to Party on Campus?

Oftentimes, when people go to college, they want to have the “college life.” Every college and university has different rules and regulations when it comes to having parties and consuming alcohol. At Maryville College, students are allowed to have parties, but they have to be responsible, and also respect Maryville College’s Code of Conduct. 

The Code of Conduct can be found in the Maryville College Student Handbook, posted on the Maryville College website. The Code of Conduct states what type of behavior is acceptable when it comes to throwing parties and alcohol consumption while on the Maryville College campus. 

When it comes to partying, the Code of Conduct states, “Six-person apartments may have no more than 18 persons at one time, including the residents in the apartment; four or three-persons suites or apartments may have no more than 12 persons present at one time, including the residents of the suite or apartment; single or double rooms may have no more than 6 persons present at one time, including the residents of the room.”

If students are caught having more than the number of people allowed in their suite or apartment, they will have to deal with consequences given by the Conduct Administrators. 

Also, when it comes to consuming alcohol on the Maryville College campus, there are certain situations where it is allowed, and there are situations where it is not permitted at all. There are suites and apartments where alcohol is allowed, but there are suites that do not allow alcohol under any circumstances.

The Code of Conduct states that, “Maryville College permits the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages in residential living units located within Beeson Village, Court St. Apartments, Carnegie and Lloyd  Hall, in which all residents of that living unit are of legal drinking age (21 years or older). In Copeland, Davis, Gamble, Gibson, and Pearsons Halls, possession or consumption of alcohol is not permitted under any circumstances. Alcohol containers of any type, whether full or empty, are also not allowed in Copeland, Davis, Gamble, Pearsons, or Gibson Halls.” 

Even though there are suites and apartments that allow alcohol on campus, students have to follow the law and deal with repercussions if they are caught drinking while under 21 years old. 

There are students who believe that Maryville College should allow students to throw parties. Alex Mase, sophomore, thinks students should be allowed to party on campus for a few reasons. 

“I think students should be allowed to party on campus. You are able to meet new people, and you are able to hang out with your friends outside of class. I think it also can allow people to relax, not stress about school and have some fun with other students.” Mase said.

Mase also mentioned that if you are old enough to legally drink alcohol, and you are responsible with it, it can be fun and enjoyable.

Sara Skibbie, senior, also thinks students should be allowed to party on campus because it allows students to have a social environment, especially on such a small campus. 

“Yes, I think students should be allowed to party on campus, as long as they are of age and everything is handled in a responsible manner. It can be hard for some people to find their group, so it can be good for students to have a bigger space where they can meet more people other than from their classes.”

All in all, it is a student’s decision whether or not they want to go to a party on campus. If students do want to have a party, they should keep in mind Maryville College’s Code of Conduct and respect it. 

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