SPB kicks off year with laugh

At 8 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 5, comedian Ronnie Jordan had MC students rolling with laughter during his hilarious performance in Isaac’s café.

Jordan, who hails from Atlanta, GA, and who was featured on “P. Diddy Presents the Bad Boys of Comedy” visited the college as part of his Kampus Royalty Tour, and students who attended the event did not seem disappointed with his act. He connected the audience with jokes about being poor college students and the differences between high school and college.

Upon receiving some shocked looks when tackling subjects like race and sexuality, Jordan laughingly reminded the audience that he was a comedian, cracked a few more jokes, and had everyone laughing at each other and themselves once again. He also used some material about his own life as a new father.

Two of the biggest crowd-pleasers of the night were his parodies of popular hip-hop songs, and his finale where he danced with a honey bun to Alicia Keys’s “Fallin.”

At the end of his act, Jordan reminded his audience to follow him on Instagram @ronniejordan and posed for photographs with students who wanted their pictures done with him.

The Student Programing Board sponsored the comedy event and has several other upcoming programs. Some of the programs are new and more diverse than in the past while others such as Homecoming are MC traditions. “We have a little less funding this year, so we have a few less events. But we’re hoping to make the ones we have memorable,” said Rachael Hanson, Student Activities Coordinator and Davis Hall Resident Director.

The homecoming dance this year is on Oct. 4 at The Standard in old city Knoxville and is carnival themed. Hanson, described the venue as having a different and more rustic vibe from dance spaces that MC has used in the past.
One of the new events coming to campus this fall is a spa day during October that will take place during the lunch hour so commuter students will have a chance to attend. “We also have a spoken word poet coming in October who’s new,” Hanson revealed.

SPB also worked with AT&T on Friday, Sept. 12, to host a pledge day for a new project called #X. #X is a new safety initiative to stop texting while driving that is endorsed by stars like Demi Lovato, One Republic, and Tim McGraw.

The project urges drivers to send #X to anyone they are texting as a way to let them know that they are about to be behind the wheel.

If a student missed the pledge day, he or she can pledge to stop texting and driving by going to ItCanWait.com or by texting ICWSCOTS to 464329.

SPB is currently taking applications for new members. For more information about joining, a booth will be set up at the Opportunities of a Lifetime fair or students may visit the Student Organizations office in Bartlett 101

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