Spring break plans for Maryville students

It is crazy to think spring break 2k18 is just around the corner. For some, spring break is a time of reflection and rest while visiting back home or exploring a new place. For others, spring break is a time to party hard on the beach and never look back. As each student gets ready for his or her own spring break experience, here are a couple of fun and unconventional spring break ideas if you need help in choosing what to do, where to go and how to have fun before we come back to finish this last semester strong.

  1. Going to the Beach: Many students have expressed interest in going to different seaside

locations in Florida such as Daytona, Sandestin and Panama City Beach (PCB).

  1. Traveling to see family: I know students like to take this time to go visit family before the

home stretch of the semester. We have students from cities all over Tennessee such as Memphis,

Nashville and Chattanooga. There are also students who are traveling out of state.

  1. Alternative Spring Break: If you want to stay on campus in Maryville this spring

break, then think about doing some volunteer work with the CCMs alternative

spring break where all students and faculty are welcome to engage in service in the

Blount County community. If you would like to get involved please email Anne Mckee, MC Campus Minister, at [email protected]

  1. MC goes to Switzerland: Even though it is a little too late to hop on this plane to travel

internationally, Maryville College gives our students plenty of opportunities to travel

abroad. Make sure to keep your ears and eyes open to study abroad interest meetings.

Pop your head into the international house on campus and see what events are



Even though spring break is only for one week, there are so many things out there to do especially for those who wish to catch up or get ahead with school work. Dont forget to take time for yourself.

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