Thaw Hall print missing

The Maryville College Thaw Hall print is missing. Photo courtesy of

There is an ongoing search for the original architectural drawing of Maryville College’s Thaw Hall.

MC alumnus G. David Campbell has generously provided prints of many of the buildings on the college’s campus.

The sketches are professionally executed pen-and-ink drawings, made by Campbell and based on the original prints of the buildings, which he has accumulated over the years.

Campbell  keeps the original ink drawings and provides copies of the prints for sale in the Clayton Center for the Arts gift shop. Note cards featuring the sketches are also available.

Campbell plans his next project to be a replica drawing of the original architectural drawing of Thaw Hall; however, he has been unable to find the drawing anywhere.

Richard Franklin Graf, a well-known architect in the Knoxville area, constructed Thaw Hall in 1923.

Graf’s original drawing of the plans for Thaw Hall is suspected still to be somewhere on the MC campus.

“Mr. Campbell thinks it to be hanging somewhere on campus, but has been unable to find it,” said Cheri Compton, director of marketing at the CCA.

Compton  formed the “Thaw Hall is Missing” campaign as a campus-wide appeal to find the drawing of the building. Tickets to a CCA event are being offered to those who discover the missing Thaw Hall drawing.

“I thought if we offered a couple of tickets as incentive, everyone might be more inclined to look,” Compton said.

An award of two tickets to a Clayton Center for the Arts show is available for anyone who can provide Compton with the correct location of the drawing.

Compton said that she has received a couple of phone calls, but for now, the Thaw Hall Print is still missing.

“We would love to find it so that he can have prints made,” Compton said.  “It would be borrowed for a short period of time and then returned to hang.”

Buildings have been searched and archives have been checked, but it is a mystery as to where the original Thaw Hall print resides.

“If it is on campus, I hope someone knows where,” Compton said.


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  • January 26, 2016 at 10:20 am

    Have the original drawings of Thaw Hall been found? I am very much interested in obtaining copies.


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