The Alumni Gym Receives Renovation

On April 18, 2018, the College announced that the Alumni Gym would be receiving a much-needed facelift. The goal of the remodel was to update a 95-year-old facility, bringing it to 21st century standards. On March 27, 2019, the Alumni Gym renovation was marked as officially complete when Maryville College President Dr. Tom Bogart cut a ceremonial ribbon during the gym rededication.

The building got an entire facelift, inside and out. On the outside there is new lighting, new windows, fresh paint, and a new ‘Scots’ logo to greet people as they arrive to the gym. On the inside, a complete transformation. The gym received a new floor, updated bathrooms, large scoreboards, and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

Among other improvements, perhaps one of the most exciting for students, and least advertised, is the dividing wall that descends from the ceiling to split the space in two. This allows for separation in the space, allowing its multipurpose use to be optimized.

“This is the new standard for athletics and student wellness facilities on campus,” said Bogart at a ribbon-cutting celebration. Many students have raised questions about the next phase of construction for wellness and athletic spaces on campus.

“What we’re looking to do over the next few years is renovate Cooper, build locker rooms and support facilities for the lower soccer field, softball and tennis—and build them or renovate to this standard. This is just the first phase of a comprehensive renovation, upgrade and some new construction for athletics and student wellness spaces here on campus that will unfold over the next few years,” said Bogart.

“Why did we start with this project? Because this is space for every single student.” According to Bogart, the price tag for both projects, the new gym and baseball locker room, is $3.5 million. Most of the funds have been raised by an anonymous donor. Alumni and friends of the baseball program also have contributed to the locker room facility.

For students, the renovation has been very well received. Amanda Matthews, a junior American Sign Language Interpreting major, was invited to be part of the ribbon-cutting celebration on behalf of the Student Government Association.

“The newly renovated space looks fantastic,” said Matthews. “It’s clear that a lot of thought and consideration has gone into every aspect of the Alumni Gym. I hope that this new space will encourage even more students to participate in the intramural program.” The college’s Dean of Students, Dr. Melanie Tucker, shared remarks on behalf of students.

“For some of our students, the time of our opening may feel a little ‘bittersweet,’ so to speak, as there are only a few weeks left before they graduate,” said Tucker.

“However, one of the comments I’ve really appreciated hearing from students is how much they value the new space for new students who are yet to arrive on-campus.”

As the Maryville College community begins utilizing this space, it is clear that the renovation has not been taken for granted, and the contributions from anonymous donors have been sincerely appreciated.

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