The IT department is here to help

The back corner of Fayerweather Hall is one of the hidden gems on Maryville College’s campus. The IT department is unintentionally hidden from the rest of campus, but that does not stop the rest of campus from needing the help and services that IT provides. IT can help with almost any technical issues that students might have.

When director John Berry was asked what he would like students to know about IT, he simply said, “I would just like students to know that we are here to help whether it is an Xbox issue or a Tartan issue. We let students know where IT is at the freshman introduction, but people will forget about us … we need to be marketed better. The fact that the Echo is going to mention us is greatly appreciated.”

It is very seldom that individuals wander into IT, but that does not stop IT’s “first line of defense,” their student workers. When someone walks into IT, they are greeted with a smiling face and a cordial welcome.

In my own month within IT, I have gotten to know the other student workers well. Most of the student employees are thinking about or going into fields that have absolutely nothing to do with information technology, but that is what makes it work so well.

The fact that the student employees are learning along with the students that have come in and requested help allows the student employees to broaden their horizons and be able to help students on their own in the future.

The student employees are more than just the friendly faces in IT. They regularly change the printer ink and paper used by students and faculty members each and every day. They also run supplies and packages around campus for the faculty in IT when someone has ordered something through IT. Work-study employees also go out with the regular staff to help with troubleshooting issues and correcting them. 

Director John Berry works alongside Bo Carbonell in his office at IT.

Photo courtesy of Austin Gillepie.

There are five faculty members in the IT department. Each of the faculty members within IT are just as unique as the student workers. These employees keep most of the systems running around Maryville College’s campus. Each has a specialization that they are more proficient in under the umbrella of information technology.

The staff members are able to help students with just about any issue. It’s not that all of them are highly proficient in solving all possible technological issues, but every member of the staff at IT is able to help with the most common problems that can arise.

Most problems that students have are going to be hardware related or sometimes software issues, which Tobby Ryan, a full-time staff member, will be encouraged to help with after a student employee listens and relays the issue. Ryan tends to be the IT team member that most students encounter. Many who have come down to IT will have at least seen Ryan, even if they have never spoken to him.

The other common issue that students encounter is often software or internet based. Bo Carbonell, usually handles these problems. Carbonell can be spotted running around campus during the morning to mid-afternoon because that is when most faculty will notice a problem with their equipment in the classroom. Carbonell specializes in network and wiring for multiple facets of technology.

Both the student workers and staff within IT highly suggest that anyone who needs technological help at any point either make their way down to IT or send in an email to request help. It is a free resource that is always available to students or staff that everyone can take great advantage of.

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