Two MC students to present senior art exhibits

Art by Bella Crockett.
Art by Bella Crockett.

Mark your calendar! The month of May will bring two new senior art exhibitions. Seniors Bella Crockett and Timela Crutcher will reveal their art at a reception on May 5. The artists have different styles and themes, so it will be a unique show. These students have worked for this moment for their whole college career, so the support of the student body is important.

The art within Timela Crutcher’s show entitled “And They Were Naked and Unashamed” focuses on women. She described her show as a portal back to a place before a woman’s body was viewed as a negative thing. Her art speaks out against objectifying women. The audience is meant to see women as people and not as sex objects, even though the poses in which the women are painted could be considered provocative today.

“The moment you enter the room, you feel like you are in the Garden of Eden,” Crutcher said.

Bella Crockett takes us inside her brain with her show entitled “I Love Everything.” When trying to narrow down a subject on which to focus for her exhibition, she realized she had too much love for everything to choose. This freedom allowed Crockett to explore the meaning of everything with her art. Crockett used different mediums to express her art. Some of the art pieces have reoccurring characters or themes.

“It’s going to glitter, it’s going to glow,” said Crockett when asked to described her show.

Join them on May 5 at 5 p.m. for the opening reception of the gallery. The shows will stay up for the month of May.

Art by Timela Crutcher. Photo by Halle Hill.

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