A note on scholarship, respect, and integrity from the Keepers of the Covenant

As a student at Maryville College, the covenant has really been a part of my life since I first stepped foot on campus. As a Blount County native, I had always grown up around the college but had never really been exposed to the unique culture of this amazing place.

Growing up, I was often in situations where I felt that I was judged or made uncomfortable from being myself. I quickly found that not only was the MC campus entirely different than my own background in this geographic area, it was incredibly uplifting and exactly the type of community that I needed to heal and grow.

I know that the reason I feel this way about this school and the reason that I am currently in a strong point of growth in my beliefs, values, and ideas is thanks to the covenant of Maryville College and the ways through which the environment of this campus radiates those positive qualities.

Instead of looking at each of the covenant’s qualities as separate entities, I feel that they are truly more of a combined way of describing the feeling that Maryville College gives you, allowing you to grow in your understanding of an academic field, your beliefs and personal values, your acceptance and understanding of others, your opinions about the world around you, and your ability to form new and sustainable relationships.

In terms of scholarship, Maryville College strives for academic success and more. I feel as if I am constantly lifted up to pursue my best abilities from not only my professors but from everyone who is a part of this campus including friends, RA’s, and other faculty I have formed close bonds with.

 When it comes to integrity, Maryville College strives for students to be their very best versions of themselves, no matter what their background or previous choices are. I see this in my relationships as a peer mentor when the freshmen come in.

We seek for them to understand that they have the ability to grow and be the best person that they can be on this campus—no matter their choices in high school or what people may have thought about them in the past.

 When thinking about respect, I go back to the way that I feel on campus every day. Before coming to MC, I had never really known how much better your growth as a person can be when you are placed in an uplifting and respectable environment.

As I mentioned before, my upbringing was not particularly respectful of other opinions or diverse backgrounds, so I am incredibly thankful of Maryville College for the ability to attend a school that is a hub for learning about new ideas and beliefs in a way that honors others instead of bashing them.

The covenant stone and its message are so obvious in my everyday life here, as I constantly see the qualities embodied in every student, professor, and faculty. When I think of why I love to attend Maryville College, I am constantly reminded of how prevalent the covenant’s values are in the many things that we all will continue to treasure.

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