ASAP Rocky: insight on a trill life

ASAP Rocky plans to release his debut album later this fall. Since the release of his first mixtape, “Live.Love.ASAP”, buzz has only continued to grow for the young M.C. from Harlem. Give one listen to the mixtape and you’ll understand why ASAP Rocky is stealing the show.

ASAP Rocky effectively opens the mixtape with “Palace”, which pays homage to his life growing up in Harlem and how his outlook on life was influenced by that lifestyle. ASAP Rocky tells us how he would not like to be remembered, which seems to be a diss toward Lil Wayne.

“Don’t remember me as a wannabe New Orleans n**** slash lean sippin’ Tennessee n****, nah,” ASAP rapped. In certain segments of the track, ASAP’s voice rings and resonates, and for a second we can hear the late Tupac Shakur. Later in the track ASAP raps, “We bout it bout it, we rowdy rowdy, that Percy Miller, for really real, we chilly chill, don’t sport Chinchilla.” In this line, he references Master P’s hit “Bout It Bout It,” and then ASAP reveals that he is vegan.

ASAP Rocky finishes the track with a quick flow and a final hook in which the lyrics are slightly different. Coming in at track two, “Pesos” may be the track that kick started ASAP Rocky’s run for fame. The music drops and you can feel 90s hip-hop being reborn. ASAP also shows us his lyrical skills.

“Couple ABC’s, bad b**** double D’s, poppin’ E, I don’t give a F, I told you I’m a G.” Here ASAP makes a play on the alphabet while also referencing his “bigbreasted” groupies and his drug use. “Peso” has proved to be a hit, and has helped to launch ASAP Rocky into the spotlight. “Kissing Pink” comes in at track ten. A funky, rustic bass keeps the rhythm of this song with trippy tones layered underneath. At first, you may question if this is hip-hop anymore, or if this is ASAP Rocky’s attempt at a radio hit. ASAP does not disappoint, though.

“Kissing Pink” could be considered ASAP Rocky’s attempt to convey pure artistry, rather than just hip-hop. He sings in a soft, light voice while occasionally dropping a flow during the song. “Kissing Pink” is an example of ASAP Rocky’s potential to become more than just a hip hop artist. After listening to “Leaf,” you can almost define ASAP Rocky as a rapper. He is not consumed with the lifestyle he lives and portrays. He only lives it.

In “Leaf,” ASAP offers lyrical criticism on the state of the hip-hop industry, the recent hipster movement and phony people. Here ASAP uses the Spanish language to warn people to not disrespect members of his crew, ASAP Mob: “Shout my n**** Squadda, shout my n**** Mondre. If you disrespect them n***** then I’m polishing the nadre and I’m coming to your casa for your madre and your padre. Comprende?” “Leaf” may be the most traditional hip-hop track on the mixtape.

“Demons” reveals a new level of depth in ASAP Rocky. The track opens, and you can almost picture an internal war inside ASAP’s mind: “I smoked away my brain; I think I’m going dumb. Cocaine up on my gums, I think they’re going numb.” Unlike most hip-hop artists, ASAP Rocky does not necessarily brag about his drug use.

There may even be an instance of resentment among the words in that line. Throughout this song, you can feel some sense of struggle. ASAP sings in the hook, “Demons posted all around me, I can’t beat em’ all alone. These demon thoughts, they start to drown me, won’t they leave me all alone.” You ever listen to a song, and it really just makes you think or zone out? “Demons” is that track on this mixed tape. ASAP Rocky is a refreshing change for the hip-hop industry, and he shows us why with “Live.Love.ASAP.”

ASAP Rocky’s lyrical content is very diverse, with content ranging from drug culture to his vegan lifestyle. However, no matter what he raps about, ASAP continuously makes lyrical claims about being real. He is hardly ever caught flaunting his image or materialistic aspects of his life. This mixtape should leave a good buzz for the fall release of his debut album, “Long.Live.ASAP.”

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