Bad Pitches Only and Big Stix take home wins

With many rain delays taking part on scheduled games, the clouds parted just in time to kick off this season’s intramural softball games without a hitch.

Teams made of friends, teammates and even random strangers formed in sight for the main prize: a free intramural softball championship shirt and eternal bragging rights.

With the notice of one week before the beginning of the season, there was not much time to practice your ground balls or dingers. For Makayla Payne and her team, the Ball Busters, practice was not necessary.

“We were born ready,” Payne said. “One week was all we needed”.

For many, intramural sports are fun and are played solely for enjoyment with friends. For others, winning is the only option. Catherine Upshaw, a freshmen and member of team Where Are My Pitches At, filled us in on her first experiences playing intramural softball.

“My first experience was alright, but I am a little bitter we did not win the championship.”        Upshaw’s team suffered a heartbreaking loss in the championship game against Bad Pitches Only.

“It is okay, though, because my team beat the reigning five-time champions in the semifinals. They had many of my friends on it and it is great to have bragging rights over that win,” Upshaw said.

From another view, the men’s side is just as competitive.

Calvin Songster, a junior at Maryville College and member of team Don’t Love These Pitches, shares his favorite parts about intramural softball.

“My favorite part about intramurals is playing sports you don’t normally get to play, and having the chance to play them competitively with friends,” Songster said.

Songster also shares how playing the sport opens new friendships on campus.

“It is cool to have a chance to interact with people on other teams you normally would never talk to,” Songster said.

The season only lasted about 3 weeks, and most players believe that is too short. For some, intramural softball is what they look forward to all year.

The rain brought trouble to the sport when three days’ worth of games were canceled due to inclement weather. The delay was quickly followed by rays of sunshine just in time for the playoff bracket.

For the girls, Bad Pitches Only snuck away with the championship win.

Erin Persinger, a senior at MC and member of the women’s soccer team, shares her thoughts on forming teams and why she knew her team would take home the gold.

“We were sad that we had to split up our friends from the soccer team and make two different softball teams, but it was really exciting that both of our teams made it to the championship,” Persinger said.

“Nobody can stop Mandy Marshall and Mackenzie Hutton from winning!” Persinger said.

Members of the team Big Stix took home the intramural crown for the men’s side.

Whether it’s friendly competition or a team death match on the field, intramural softball is a great past time activity that is greatly loved at Maryville College.

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