“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season six premier

On Jan. 10, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” debuted its sixth season to an eagerly awaiting audience. The comedy was created by Dan Goor and Mike Shur, producers of shows like “Parks and Rec” and “The Office (American),” and portrays the lives of the ninety-ninth precinct in Brooklyn, New York.

With an applauded cast of unique actors like Andy Samberg and Terry Cruz, the show immediately created a strong following of devoted fans who were anxious to have their beloved crew of New York detectives back on the air.

The show was cancelled by Fox, its original network, back in May of 2018 to make room in the viewing schedule for new shows, but when a deluge of backlash and an outpouring of support for the show took to social media, the show was picked up by NBC within hours of its cancellation.

Support came from a myriad of viewers, including some big names like Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote on Twitter that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was one of the few shows he watches, and Mark Hamill, who said on Twitter that he will hold a grudge against Fox for a long time for cancelling the show.

This show has gained an incredible amount of support and, consequently, high rating numbers because of its unique and inclusive character list.

The show also eloquently addresses current social issues, like sexual orientation and gun violence, while maintaining a light-hearted and humorous side provided by the group of talented actors and actresses.

NBC signed “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” to a 13-episode reboot, and the series picks up right where it left off in season five back in May. The season premiere gives fans the witty banter they waited months to watch again with Amy and Jake heading off to their honeymoon only to encounter Captain Holt at their same paradise resort.

The episode received record viewing numbers in the show’s history to date, and many are excited to see how this new season unfolds and what the characters’ lives have in store.

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