Can we still kiss on New Year’s Eve?

I love holidays, and New Year’s Eve easily cracks my top five. Sequined tops, fun music, the possibility of a fresh start: what’s not to love? Also, I think New Year’s Eve is going to be one of the easier holidays to celebrate during COVID-19 since there is less pressure to be with family. New Year’s Eve can easily be celebrated in your living room with a bubbly drink of your choice, some of your favorite music, and if you live with family or roommates, a board game to fill the hours until midnight.

New Year’s is the ideal COVID-19 holiday, except for one major aspect: the midnight kiss. I do not have to tell you that mouths are full of germs, and with the United States approaching 11 million total cases (, it is advised that people continue social distancing and limiting contact especially with new people.

So where does that leave us with kissing? Well, if you live with or have a partner who is already a part of your COVID-19 bubble, a new year’s kiss could reasonably be in your future. But what about everyone else? If you would be putting yourself or others at risk to get a celebratory smooch, please don’t because there are plenty of fun and intimate alternatives.

An alternative for those who love to write is to send a kiss in the mail! All you need is a pen, paper, lipstick, and envelopes and stamps (bonus points for supporting the United States Postal Service!). Write your letter, put on your lipstick, kiss the page, and send it off! This alternative is fun and creative, and who knows in 50 years your letter could end up in a COVID-19 exhibit at the Smithsonian and wouldn’t that be exciting!

If letter writing is not really your style, don’t worry because there are less Austenian alternatives at your disposal. If you’re familiar with short-run sitcoms, you might know about the television show “Pushing Daisies.” If not, the general premise is that the protagonist Ned can bring the dead back to life by touching them. After bringing his childhood sweetheart, Charlotte, back to life, the two cannot touch again, and have to kiss through a sheet of plastic wrap. 

While this might not sound the most appealing, water and air can not pass through saran wrap and it is recommended as an alternative for vaginal oral sex because of its ability to reduce the risk of STDs and STIs, making it a possible option for the holiday season.  It also allows for closer contact than your other distanced kissing options like plexiglass or hazmat suits. 

Physical intimacy is important but not always the safest choice in a pandemic. If you’ve started seeing someone new, a video call at midnight could be a sweet reminder that you’d like to bring this person into your new year! 

Whatever your situation is, don’t give up on making your New Year’s Eve a celebration! Take some time to say goodbye to 2020, embrace a new year and include those you love!

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