Clayton Center for the Arts is presenting The Southern Film Circuit virtually for FREE

The Clayton Center for the Arts is finding new ways to connect with students and the community during these uncertain times. The Southern Film Circuit films will be available on the Clayton Center website and are free for students and the community. 

“Students can learn a lot through these sessions and can help those who are interested in a filmmaking career,” Director of Marketing Cheri Compton said.

The first film, “Cane Fire,” will start streaming on Feb. 7. “Cain Fire” presents the history of the Hawaiian island Kauai by utilizing other resources such as how Hollywood has presented it. 

“Warrior Women”
Photo Courtesy of The Clayton Center Marketing Department

On March 7 the film, “Warrior Women,” according to The Clayton Center website, “is the life story of Madonna Thunder Hawk who is a leader of the American Indian Movement or AIM. This film explores what it means to navigate a movement and motherhood and how activist legacies are passed down and transformed from generation to generation in the context of colonizing government that meets Native resistance with violence.” 

 “Socks on Fire: Uncle John & the Copper Headed Water Rattler” will start streaming on April 10. 

According to The Clayton Center Website, this film is “a lyrical testament to Southern women couched in the battle for my grandmother’s throne. I returned home from New York City to find that my Aunt Sharon, my favorite childhood relative, had locked her gay, drag-queen brother, my Uncle John, out of the family home.”

“Socks on Fire: Uncle John & the Copper Headed Water Rattlers:”
Photo Courtesy of The Clayton Center Marketing Department

All films will be available for 4 days and there is a chance to hear from filmmakers in the pre-recorded questions and answers session after the film.

To access the films, visit The Clayton Center website,, and enter an email address to be able to watch the first film.

There is also an opportunity to join a monthly newsletter that will display all of The Clayton Center events for that month. On the Clayton Center website click “contact us” and sign up for E-Newsletter to learn more. 

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