College embraces Web age, Facebook

Maryville College's massive prescence on Facebook is helping gain recognition. With social media being the big craze, the MC community has decided to join in with numerous pages of its own. Photo courtesy of MC's Facebook

Ten years ago, a “Twitter” might have meant a dumb or annoying person. Twenty-five years ago, “Facebook” referred to the high school yearbook, and “Tumblr” could have likely been an accidental misspelling of a term referencing a cup.

Fifty years ago, the Internet did not exist; however, the World Wide Web has now become one of the most integrated aspects of people’s lives.

As society becomes increasingly associated and even reliant on certain sects of the Web, Maryville College has also embraced the use of the Internet in order to remain in stride with the Web-based world.

Currently, the college manages an official website (, a Facebook page, a Twitter account and even a YouTube channel.

Receiving the highest amount of traffic, Maryville’s Facebook page provides those who “like” the page with updates on events, college achievements and other information relevant to the college.

According to MC news and new media writer Chloe Kennedy, the main Facebook page for the college has been online for about three years.

Kennedy leads the campus’ Social Media Action Team, which oversees the college’s official pages on social media sites, including Facebook and others.

As Kennedy explained, the group meets together to regulate the social media practices of the college while enforcing the standards on how MC’s social media practices are to be handled.

The main page, which also contains links to other MC Facebook pages, has over 3,500 likes, over three times the amount of students currently enrolled at the college.

The page features information—mostly press releases—on multiple topics around the college, sometimes referring back to other Facebook pages.

The page not only deals with the business side of the college, but also provides coverage of student activities and photos to allow visitors, such as prospective students, a look into what is happening at the college.

With the page’s being updated roughly three times a day, those following the page remain well informed.

Individuals interested in the college’s athletics can also “like” the Fighting Scots’ Facebook page, on which scores and news stories are posted.

In addition to posting information regarding teams’ wins, losses and scores, news stories and photos are also made available.

MC also has other miscellaneous Facebook pages for many groups around campus.

MC’s international education Facebook page provides information for students interested in studying abroad or hoping to check in on the whereabouts of fellow students away for the semester. The page also provides blogs written by students overseas and scholarship information.

The college’s fine arts division has a page on which events occurring in the Clayton Center for the Arts are promoted and reviewed.

For students inquiring of the day’s menu ahead, MC dining services also has a page set up. On the Mountain Challenge Facebook page, posts informing visitors of recreational opportunities and photos of various Mountain Challenge events are displayed.

Students can visit the Center for Calling and Career page for information and updates on potential graduate school and internship opportunities.

MC even has a page devoted to emotional wellness awareness called “Feeling Blue.”

According to Kennedy, these pages all collaborate to make a social network that the college can use to reach out to prospective students, alumni, current students, faculty and staff and other Facebookers interested in learning more about the MC campus.

“In the past, we would rely on local media, alumni publications, as well as our own website, as tools for getting the word out about the College,” Kennedy said. “Now, we are able to connect and engage with the online social media community.”

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