“Come as a Child” is theme for 2017-18 worship series

For the 2017-2018 school year, the Center for Campus Ministry (CCM) has started its new chapel worship series entitled “Come as a Child.” The series, which started on September 5th, has as its theme the view of faith as seen through the eyes of a child as well as how various faiths view children.

The theme for the chapel series, as well as which professors are asked to speak, is decided by the student scholars affiliated with the CCM.

“The chapel series is almost completely student directed,” said Diana Curtis, former CCM Coordinator and current English professor. “They both decide on what the topic is, as well as deciding on who should speak.”

Due to this interesting student-led choice, the series may take on a highly personal tone that may resonate with many members of the student body and faculty. The Reverend Dr. Anne McKee, the Campus Minister and Director of the CCM, gave her thoughts about the theme as well as why the students chose it.

McKee said that she believes many of the students picked the topic due to their own recollections of faith as children, and how those views may have changed or been challenged as they reached adulthood.

“I think that they were thinking about how trusting they were at that age, and yet how complex these issues became as they got older,” McKee said. “What is lost in that transition from childhood to adulthood, and are there things that children can see and know that we can continue to learn from even if it’s not where we are?”

To address the topic, the chapel will be hosting a diverse group of speakers from many different disciplines. The series will be led mostly by MC Professors and faculty, with authorities in the fields of biblical studies, psychology, education, philosophy, religion, English, music, and exercise science speaking throughout the Fall semester.

The series will also focus on various religious perspectives outside of the Christian tradition, as well as the view of children’s faith as seen by their parents.

As is common during a special series, the chapel will also be hosting a handful of guest speakers. These will include Dr. Emerson Powery, professor of biblical studies at Messiah College, as well as the Ukrainian-born international Presbyterian peacemaker, Alla Soroka.

As commonly happens every year, during Spring semester the roster and theme may be postponed on some Tuesdays. This will be done to make room for graduating seniors—as well as other members of the student body—to present thesis research or talk about faith issues that are important to them.

Faculty, students, and members of the community are welcome to attend the series. Chapel services will be held at their traditional time of 1:15 P.M. on Tuesdays in the Center for Campus Ministry.

For further information about the worship series, please contact the Center for Campus Ministry at 865-981-8299.

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