COVID Connections

It’s hard being alone. The coronavirus has forced this realization upon us. If we choose not to be physically alone, we possibly contribute to someone’s death. This is the unfortunate reality. However, there are nonphysical methods to have good company while staying considerate and safe. Here are some ways to make connections during COVID-19.

The first may seem obvious but has become even more viable since the pandemic hit: online dating. Many apps that are used to find a significant other such as Tinder, Hinge and Bumble, have stepped up their internet relations game with options to video chat within the app itself.

A date through a screen while sitting somewhere in your dorm is certainly different than dating in person, although the same basic principles of respect and decency still hold true. There are also ways to date in person while remaining socially distanced. For example, dates at parks are becoming commonplace. The picnic is making a comeback as well; however, you may need a blanket that’s longer than usual to distance six feet. 

Second, online board gaming is a way to make new friends and have fun that feels intimate and real. Games such as Monopoly, Chess, Clue, and Dungeons and Dragons have been lately optimized as computer game software. Players can use Zoom to chat with other players as they play the game online. It is fun, light, and usually free. Groups can be found with a quick google search of “play insert game name here online.”

Another outlet for free online fun is the Zoom movie night. Invite friends to a Zoom meeting and share your screen with a movie. It will mimic in-person movie nights and in many ways it’s more convenient. The snacks won’t have to be shared.

Finally, the practice of writing letters is a sentimental and nonphysical form of communication that could very well be cherished during a time of isolation. The ability to literally grasp the words of loved ones is a rejuvenating gift. Letters are something physically present when you can’t see the person behind them in person. Consider writing a letter to friends or family. Don’t be afraid to get a little cheesy. True sentimentality has been lacking lately.

COVID-19 has forced us to change how we conceive togetherness, but it hasn’t destroyed forming connections altogether. There is still hope for us isolated, we just don’t have to change out of our pajamas.

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