Eloquence Resurrected

Words are power. Throughout history words have changed, influenced and inspired every aspect of human existence. They have incited rebellion, toppled empires and raised armies of angry men. They have explained recipes, expressed love and adorned newspapers such as this for decades. Words give objects, places, people and feelings identity and, thus, meaning. Words are the glue of existence, and in this modern age, severely under-appreciated.(FIRST PAGE END)

Whereas prose and literary eloquence were once pillars of communication, the present has chipped away at artful style leaving behind a slab of trite tweets and “dank” memes. Whatever happened to formality?

Whatever happened to writers who wrote poems of nature and stories of humanity instead of “sexiest man alive” articles and top 10 lists? The future of well written prose in any context seems dire, yet there is still hope for the written word.

Individuals of talent and literary skill have rebelled against the communication of this modern era, posting, sharing, creating and writing, all the while using words to share ideas beautifully.

The creator of the Instagram page entitled “From Roots to Peace” is one such individual. The page is a collection of poetry created by an anonymous Maryville College student that has gained popularity in recent weeks. Yet, even with newfound fame, the only element of identity that the creator said she felt comfortable revealing is gender: she is a woman, and it is time for her voice to be heard. Her poetry dissects topics such as feminism, abuse, romantic relationship and even rape culture.

The style is free verse, but the lack of concrete meter in no way subtracts from the beauty of the verse or the powerful message.

“I made the page to inspire others to do the same,” she said. “Maybe certain people will find their voice through me.” She also noted that writing has always distracted her from past trauma.

It’s a noble goal, meriting recognition and illustrating the value of literary expression. Furthermore, what she has done exemplifies how shareable the written word really is. Anyone can add his or her thoughts, hopes and dreams to the human experience.

Maybe it’s not an Instagram page but a club such as the Impressions Literary Journal or the Highland Echo. Maybe it’s a private diary or a letter to a seldom-seen relative. In any case, there are countless opportunities for self-expression, especially at Maryville College. What a world it would be if the dreams and grievances of humanity were laid bare for all to understand.

Go write! Go and convey every utterable thought, idea, truth, perspective, and belief known to man…but do it beautifully. It is time to make the enunciation of truth an art again.

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