Fall Break aids mental health and stability

As students, we are all aware COVID-19 took a toll on everyone’s life. It paused all events and limited the gatherings of both public and private events. As Maryville College students, we were no exception. 

There were limited social interactions on campus with a planned hybrid schedule for the fall semester of 2020 and spring of 2021. The hybrid online and in-person classes were not the only change. With this hybrid schedule, we were not able to have our usual fall break. 

Thankfully, this 2021-2022 academic year, we will be able to enjoy a fall break. As a college student, this is very exciting. Not only are we back on campus full time, but we also get to enjoy a break during this semester. 

Is there a connection between fall break and mental health? 

There is no correct answer, seeing that Fall Break is a time for us students to take our minds off of our studies and enjoy some time alone. Everyone has different plans for fall break. Some may be traveling, others taking time away from their academic duties, or simply sleeping in and bingeing on some Netflix series. Whatever the case, maybe we as students will have this special time to connect with ourselves once again. 

COVID not only limited social interaction, but it also had a terrible impact on our mental health. Our eyes were always connected to our computers because we were online, Zooming for classes and meetings.

We know that this was a very challenging time for everyone across the world. Still, for students, it was more difficult than usual. We found ourselves wearier, stressed and worried about what would become of life in general. We hoped that COVID would be over soon so that we could continue our college experience to the fullest. We were stuck in one place during the Pandemic and quarantine, which made it harder for those who struggle with mental health. 

We need to acknowledge the importance of taking breaks. 

As individuals, we all have different hobbies and interests, so taking some time to ourselves will look different for everyone. Remember that taking care of our mental health is just as important as being physically well. College students generally struggle with mental health, so when we are granted these breaks, we are able to pause our academic lives. Going to classes and meeting deadlines makes it harder for us to evaluate and examine how we are doing mentally. 

So by getting time in the fall, we are able to regenerate strength to our bodies and mind by spending time with family, traveling and getting the most out of the break. Having a set break will allow us to reconnect with ourselves. Taking this time to only care about ourselves will improve our performance and dedication to our studies when we return. 

Recharging our mental health can be reading a book, taking a hike or simply hanging out and socializing with friends. The most important thing to remember while on Fall Break is taking deep breaths, savoring time alone and taking care of our mental health needs. 

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