Gentleman and scholar: Words for the lovers

Every day I thank the great creator that I get to live my life alone on the planet. It soothes me; nevertheless, each year when Valentine’s Day allows me to witness unique, compassionate expressions of one’s affection for another. Despite the nauseating amount of refined sugar that’s consumed on this day, it allows us to reflect on our superficial infatuation from the words of a cheap Hallmark card.

The blasphemous, cutesy sonnets or the simplistic punch-line strung together with the combination of a goofy, cartoonish illustration has left me bitter to this particular day of the year. I am elated at the fact that the holiday card industry has the ability to capitalize on euphonic rhythm and proper rhyme scheme, but their systematically manufactured heart-felts and warm fuzzies have left no imagination to creative expression through words.

When was the last time that a Valentine’s Day card accurately captured your love for another?
The answer to this rhetorical question is never.

True, the thought in giving is what counts. But, on the other hand, when was the last time that you allowed yourself to reveal yourself to them?

Every day, we form thoughts into words into sentences to convey how we feel; why not make an eloquent attempt to communicate your inner feelings with your own words?

I feel as if sentiment within the heart of the proverbial VD has become increasingly diluted due to our inexcusable dependency on $3 monochromatic wits that speak a kind word or two. The entire Valentine’s card industry relies on our own creative laziness when trying to communicate how we feel towards another body.

As diminutive as this may sound to the reader, I write poetry; sometimes, I love to have my rants and words bleed onto paper for the world to see. Oftentimes, these particular words are morbid and revel in the ultimate, ephemeral doom of humanity, but once in a blue moon I will dig down into the confines of my own sentimentality, reemerging with profound, rhythmic digressions that could make any lady swoon.

However, I do not want to limit this premise of utterly condemning manufactured feelings to only the intimate relationship, but broaden it to any number of individuals that wish to express their feelings of love, joy, anger, hate and pure orgiastic ecstasy to one another.

Holiday cards seek to disenchant these multifaceted displays of human emotion and, therefore, confine our inner artistic nature.

I would like to go so far as to mandate a global-wide boycott on these insults to seasonal sentiment, and propose a new dawn of poetic culture.

Be it through voice, paper, megaphone or picket fence, find some method to deliver your meaningful inner thoughts to that special someone that is both infuriating and intoxicating at the same time.

If they did not drive you mad, then chances are they are too boring for you.

Dig deep, and you may be surprised at what you say and feel.

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