Gregory Williams to visit MC about MACC/FACT advocacy organizations

Bonner Scholar and Maryville College Alumni Janean Strobert has invited CEO and co-founder of Males Advocating Change Together (MACC) and Females Advocating Change Together (FACT) Gregory Williams to speak on April 10th about a range of topics from “conflict resolution to job training.”  There will also be a Q&A luncheon in the Proffitt Dinning Hall from 12:00-1:30 where students are encouraged to attend and ask questions related to Williams, his occupation, and his organizations.  Attached is Strobert’s email announcing the event as well as the itinerary for events on April 10th.  You may also email [email protected] with any questions related to the event.

“Hello All,

As I have told you all either earlier this week or on a previous occasion, as a Maryville College Bonner Scholar, one of my goals for this year was to plan an community initiative event that I thought would be beneficial for the school, as well as my community service site. So I have finally finalize an event for April 10th to accomplish my goal. I have invited my long-time mentor Gregory Williams, the CEO and co-founder of Males Advocating Change Collectively (MACC)/ Female Advocating Change Together (FACT), to Maryville Tennessee to come and spend time with us here on campus, as well as out in the community. I have planned a jammed packed day, that would surely enlighten the audiences in which we are targeting (which is elementary through high school students), for the event about topics ranging from conflict resolution to job training skills. I’ve also set up a Q & A luncheon in Proffitt Dining Hall from 12:00-1:30 on that same date for those persons who would like to come have lunch with Mr. Williams, in which they can ask any questions referring to the organization itself, the areas of concentration for the organization, his experiences in the school system, and etc. I really think this portion of the day would be beneficial for MC students who are studying in education, teacher license, and anyone who maybe even interested in being involved in non-profit organizations. Mr. Williams is very competent in those areas and would love to give advice to whoever seeks it! Also, at 7pm that evening, Mr. Williams will be giving a presentation in Lambert Hall entitled “Teaching Responsibility As YOU Voice OUR Needs.” The focal point will be to discuss some of the signs that our youth are sending to our Parents, Communities, and Schools that are being looked over.

I really would like this event to turn out well being that so much time and effort has been place into it. So I am asking you all to please assist me in communicating to others about this event, those who are interested, because this is really going to be an “informative” event. Below, I have a tentative itinerary for April 10th and I have attached a document, giving you further information about Mr. Williams and the organization that I have been affiliated with for 11 plus years. Again, I appreciate you time and hopefully we ALL can make this a grand event!

Thanks in Advance,

Janean Strobert
Maryville College Bonner Scholar
Class of 2012

Tentative Itinerary For Tuesday April 10, 2012

7:45-8:20____Travel to Vine Middle School in Knoxville, TN

8:30-9:30 ____Discussion with 1st group (100 students)

9:45-10:45____Discussion with 2nd group (100 students)

11:00-11:45____Discussion with 3rd group (100 students)

12:00-1:30 ____Lunch and Travel back to Maryville, TN (@ Dining Hall Luncheon w/ Maryville College Students)

3:30-4:30_____Discussion with MLK Kids and Richard Williams Youth Leadership Academy (@ Martin Luther King Center in Alcoa, TN)

7:00-8:00_____Presentation to Maryville College Students and Community (In Lambert Auditorium @ Maryville College, Maryville, TN)”

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