How to Be Single?

Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson make the perfect single duo in the new movie “How to Be Single.” If you need a mid-semester pick me up, go see this new movie.

The movie begins with freshly graduated Alice, played by Dakota Johnson, telling her long-term boyfriend, Josh, that she needs to know what it is like to be single, and that they should take a break.

Alice then begins working at a law firm where she meets the hilarious and wildly inappropriate Robin, played by Rebel Wilson. Robin shows her crude humor before the duo even makes it out of the office.

Robin makes it her mission to teach Alice how to be young and single in New York City. Something that she knows all about, but innocent Alice does not.

Alice struggles a little, as she is madly in love with Josh, but soon surrenders to a good time.

While all of this is going on, we get to meet Tom. A bartender who has decided that he is going to be single forever.

All of the characters are very static, meaning that they change throughout the movie. They are also very relatable. That is part of what makes this movie so very fun to watch.

I went into the movie thinking that it would strictly be a comedy, and in that sense I got my moneys worth. However, I was not expecting the tears and the self-motivation that came from the film.

The tears got me out of nowhere. One minute you are laughing, and the next you are so caught up in emotion that you do not know what is happening.

Underneath all the funny jokes, there was a really good moral message: you have to know who you are before you can be in a happy relationship. In addition, this movie teaches viewers that serial dating is generally not a good way to live.

This movie is very powerful if you are a newly single young woman or man, or even if you are not.

Another bonus to this movie was the blatant references to other popular shows and movies.

One of the best quotes was said by Wilson’s character Robin, “There’s no such thing as a break, Season Three Ross.”

This cracked me up, because we all know that Ross and Rachel’s “break” is legendary.

I give this movie a solid 9 out of 10. Everyone get your friends together and go see this movie!

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