Jenny Massey Named Permanent Senior Woman Administrator

In July 2022,  Jenny Massey was named permanent Senior Woman Administrator for Maryville College. Massey has been working for Maryville College Athletic Training Staff since August 2020, thriving in her position. 

Before Massey came to Maryville College to join the Athletic Training Staff, she worked for Orthopedic clinics, high schools and other colleges. She has experience in treatment, rehabilitation and injury prevention. The last position she held was Head Athletic Trainer for Farragut High School in Knoxville, where she spent a total of nine seasons. 

After Massey took the job offer to become the Assistant Athletic Trainer for Maryville College in August 2020, she ended up getting a promotion to be the Head Athletic Trainer in July 2021. In January 2022, Massey was given the title of Interim Senior Woman Administrator. 

Later that same year, she was promoted to become the permanent Senior Woman Administrator. 

“To be the Senior Woman Administrator means that the NCAA came out with a designation in the 70’s or 80’s because there were not enough women in administration of athletics to make decisions, and to do decision making. Now, every NCAA institution can have a Senior Woman Administration. Most of them do, and it is not necessarily a requirement. It basically is a designation for a Senior Woman Administrator to be included in decision making and administrative duties,” Massey said. 

During her time in this position, she has already been involved in important roles.

“One thing I have personally been a big part of is making our new conference of The Collegiate Conference of the South. I have attended all of those meetings, been in on the decision making and I have been a representative for Maryville College. All of this has been very fun and eye-opening,” Massey said.

“It is very eye-opening to see how a conference literally starts from scratch. From making the logos, from deciding what trophies people are going to get, from scheduling and just the whole nine yards.”

There are many other important roles Massey has been involved with as the permanent Senior Woman Administrator. She is the head of the Health and Wellness Committee for the new conference. Also, she has been involved in creating a new weather and safety system. 

Massey also serves as the deputy Title IX Coordinator for the Maryville College athletic department and is a part of the Maryville College Equity and Campus Violence Committee. 

Being named the permanent Senior Woman Administrator does include a lot of responsibility and dedication, but Massey is doing a terrific job handling her new position. Overall, Jenny Massey is grateful to be promoted to her new position for Maryville College. “This has been something that I have been lucky enough to see and be a part of. It has just been great,” Massey said.

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