‘Loud Scotsmen’ group to promote school spirit

After the last home football game featured a lack of enthusiasm and excitement, a new student interest group known as the “Loud Scotsmen” is forming to promote school spirit and student participation at Maryville College sporting events.

Sarah Bohlman, founder and president of the group, said that she was disappointed being told to sit down and be quiet multiple times at the last football game when she and some friends were trying to cheer on the Scots.

Others began to join in, however, and before the end of the game, most of the student section participated.

Some were critical of the students cheering and claimed it was an insult to the losing team.  “Our football team seemed happy about it, though,” said Bohlman.  “It was great to see the team members smile and join in on the fun, despite what the score may be.”

Bohlman said she is not alone in missing the spirits that high school used to carry around sporting events and the unity it brought to the students.  She hopes that this interest group will serve to bring that back to the MC campus with t-shirts, posters and student participation.

“Got Kilt?” is their first t-shirt, designed by Cory Lingerfelt, vice president of the Loud Scotsmens, with more slogans and chants being brainstormed onto posters and tees.  “I’m really excited about it,” said Bohlman.  “Right now we suck at school spirit, and we hope a push for it will work.”

Group meetings are planned to be weekly or bi-weekly, but time and location are still TBA.  Students interested in joining the group should contact Sarah Bohlman at [email protected].

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