Maryville College cheerleaders motivate the Scots during first (and rainy) home game

“April showers bring May flowers” is a saying that we have all heard as the spring season approaches. Even more than that, the spring season is a time where classes begin to end, and the summer quickly approaches. 

However, one aspect of this spring season that is normally not present is football games. Football games are generally played during the fall season, but due to COVID-19the fighting Scots have had to move the football season to the spring.

With one home football game having to be postponed earlier in the year, the players, fans, and the Maryville College cheerleaders anticipated the first opportunity to cheer on the Scots at the Lloyd L. Thornton stadium. 

Fortunately, the Scots had the chance to play on Honaker Field for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic on Saturday, April 27, and the Maryville College cheerleaders had the opportunity to cheer on the Scots for the first time in the 2020-2021 season. 

With kickoff being at 2:00 p.m., the cheerleaders had the pleasure to spend some quality time as a team celebrating one of the last games for senior Bailey Mary. As Mary is the only senior for the 2020-2021 team, Saturday’s game was a special moment for the team to show their love for her as she begins a new season beyond Maryville College.

When asked about her favorite memory from Saturday’s special game, Mary said “My favorite memory would be before the game when we all had the chance to be together in Cooper Athletic Center and watch the senior day video.”

In honor of it being Mary’s senior day game, the cheerleaders wanted to ensure she had a day full of celebrations and ways to memorialize her senior day. With this, junior Reagan Monday took the time to create a meaningful, special video for Mary’s send-off. 

Junior Reagan Monday Shows her school spirit on and off the field. 
Taken by Savannah Stewart

As the game began at 2:00 p.m., the cheerleaders began the game full of encouragement and spirit for the fighting Scots. As halftime quickly approached, the cheerleaders were excited to have a chance to rejuvenate before the second half began.

As halftime began, the expected rainy weather began to settle in. With this, the cheerleaders were given extra time to rest throughout a series of delays due to the weather conditions. 

The players, fans, and cheerleaders had to clear the stadium for safety protocols. The cheerleaders entered Cooper Athletic Center to have a chance to have a few moments for team bonding. 

“My favorite memory from Saturday was weirdly the storm delay,” Monday said.

“I’m glad the game turned into an all-day affair because I was afraid the day would go by too fast.”

Moments as a team are important. Even more than that, the unexpected time with one another is something that is never taken for granted.

After a series of delays, the players, fans, and cheerleaders were cleared to resume the game at 6:00 p.m. to finish out the game. Throughout the second half, the cheerleaders continued to cheer on the Scots with a tough game against the Brevard Tornadoes. 

Although the Maryville Colleges Scots fell to Brevard with a final score of 3-14, the game was still full of memories and moments that will never be forgotten.

As sophomore Kalli Knight said, “My favorite part of the game was getting to talk with you guys during the delay. That was really the first time we had been able to all season because of COVID. We got to learn so much about each other.”

So, April (or end of March) showers do bring May flowers. Maybe not necessarily actual flowers, but the growth of a team. The memories the Maryville College cheerleaders got to create as a team on Saturday’s games are the flowers of the spring season and beyond.

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