Maryville College hosts eighth annual Chalk The Walk


Members of the local community create chalk masterpieces – Destiny Ditmore

Maryville College held two autumn events on Oct. 1:  Maker’s Market set up an open-air market and YEStudio led their eighth annual “Chalk the Walk.”  Both events consisted of local artists displaying their creativity to the public.

As I approached Anderson Hall, I noticed rows of tents set up for the fall Maker’s Market.  Vendors displayed everything from handmade plaques and honey to fall wreaths.  There’s nothing like the smell of pumpkin spice and honey on the first day of October.  Local artists encouraged people to come into their booths.  It allowed them to speak about the meaning behind their artwork.  Maker’s Market provided local artists with a day to present and potentially sell their work to the public.  

Across the street at the Clayton Center, artists worked to complete chalk masterpieces.  Each contestant received a 3×3 area of sidewalk, chalk, kneeling pads and other materials.  Once the contest began, artists were split into three age categories and given about eight hours to perfect their work.  Some chose to draw fall designs, while others chose dragons or superheroes.  Artists had very few limitations besides their eight-hour time limit.  A few of the artists even chose to buy extra sidewalk squares to create a life-sized image.

Many of the artists were surrounded by friends and family who provided feedback to artists and even offered them supplies as the creations were being completed.  The events focused on bringing both artists and community members together.  The public was inspired by local artwork, which will hopefully leave an impact on community members.  

A girl works on her chalk art – Destiny Ditmore
A Chalk Walk art piece that depicts a smiling sun – Destiny Ditmore
A chalk depiction of an orange Crush soda can – Destiny Ditmore
Two artists work on Goku from Dragon Ball Z – Destiny Ditmore
Two artists work on their Chalk Walk pieces – Destiny Ditmore
An artist holds a piece of chalk as she works – Destiny Ditmore


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