MC’s #hireascot initiative is in full swing

Maryville College students can now easily find an array of jobs in different fields. Josh Cartagena, Career Consultant in the Career Center and former Maryville College student, has established another resource for students to get jobs or internships in college and even after graduation.

A program known as #hireascot was established about 4 months ago with students’ futures in mind. He conceived of this idea after the University of Miami started a similar system called #hireacane, referencing their mascot the hurricanes. Cartagena put his own spin on the program and has put the hashtag all over the media app LinkedIn.

He describes it as “a space to let students search freely without having to sift through a lot of jobs over the internet.” He sets out an hour and a half everyday to work and add new things to the hashtag. Maryville College students can even fill out a survey to make sure that there are a variety of jobs suitable.

Right now, Cartagena is looking into jobs within specific majors using the recent survey he has received. This is another resource for students to add to their “tool bag” in searching for internships, jobs at the entry level, and even jobs for alumni. This hashtag is also used for professional advice to utilize as a student to get a job, interviewing tips, salary negotiation tips, and even resume writing tips.

The program is a collaborative effort within the Career Center. Anytime anyone working in the center finds a job opportunity, they can show Cartagena to see if it would be a reliable source for a student to use.

Handshake, the main resource used by the Career Center for job searching, will still be in use and utilized by students. By going to LinkedIn and following Cartagena or the hashtag, job searching is fun and easy. Cartagena as a former MC student wishes he had access to a system like this.

“LinkedIn is great, but one day I would like to expand to other networks,” said Cartagena. The whole point of this system is to not only to let students receive jobs, but also get them feeling comfortable when looking for a job. A few clicks of a keyboard is a simple way to get employed.

Cartagena also is starting to talk to 299 courses here at Maryville College. In these classes, he explains job searches for the career development plan. As a MC student going through the Maryville College works program, a significant practical experience is needed. This resource it is just another helpful way to get prepared for the real world.

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