Meet the editors: Adam Brown

Adam Brown is the Hard News & Art and Entertainment Editor for the Highland Echo. – Jesus Yanez

Adam Brown, sometimes called Dave, but not necessarily Dave Brown, is a sophomore at Maryville College. He hails from a little town in Tennessee that you may have heard of: Knoxville. He grew up like many millennial men: in a middle class home that was in the image of the American Dream. However, while his upbringing is just like many others in America, there is no one that is like Adam Brown.

Ive had to describe him to people before and found its easiest to just say, Adam, well hes Adam. Adam is known in many circles as the man with advice. Whether or not that advice is solicited is on a case by case basis, however. He has been described to me as a sort of enigma. It was my job to decrypt that enigma in the interview that I conducted with him.

Adam works with the Echo as the editor for the Hard Newsand A&Esections of the paper. Before he started editing, he wrote many articles last year and actually won Reporter of the Year. This is an internal award, though, so its not like an Oscar or anything.

However, his career in journalism started way earlier in his life. Both of his parents are journalists, so he said he feels that journalism was always in his blood. He described journalism as something hes always felt he had to do and enjoys doing.

There are many parts of his job that he likes, such as the monthly check he receives that helps him with many college expenditures, but his favorite part by far is the feeling he gets when he sees people hes brought into the paper being proud of the articles they have worked on and submitted.

Unfortunately, his job isnt always a walk in the park. His job as editor is very hard to perform if articles arent turned in on time.

Adam described editing as, “a complicated machine that depends highly on timely and orderly completion of  articles.If this is not the case, he feels that the whole train is derailed.

Writing for the Echo isnt the only writing Adam does. He also likes to write short stories in his free time and is enrolled in multiple writing and composition courses currently. Even his positions in other groups on campus deal with a lot of writing, such as his position at the MC Democrats. There, he is the Communications Director and is responsible for press releases and different ways of getting the word out on events the group hosts. Adam described this position as a glorified PR person.

Adam Brown is a hard man to get a read on, but I have learned throughout the two years that I have known him that he is one of the best Maryville College has to offer. He’s a great editor and writer, but also a great person and friend. To end this interview piece, I leave you all with a piece of advice that Adam has often given to me.

“Dont keep yourself from doing what you want to do,” he said. “Dont over think and just do. Even in errors and mistakes there is an opportunity to learn and move on.– Adam Brown, 21st century philosopher and poet.

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