Meet the editors: Allison Franklin

Allison Franklin is the Editor-in-Chief of the Highland Echo. – David Peters

I feel it is a rarity that a reporter gets to enjoy his time with the person he is interviewing for an article. Such was the case with my interview with Allison Franklin, a senior here at Maryville College, and Editor-in-Chief of the Highland Echo newspaper.

Allison hails from the quiet town of Rogersville, TN, which is where she spent all her childhood.

“It is a beautiful place,” said Allison of her home town. “When I was growing up, I really liked it. I never thought I’d want to live anywhere else. It wasn’t until I came to college that I really realized how small it was, but that is part of the charm. I just love the historical aspect of the town.”

Allison is pursuing her degree in History with a minor in Writing Communications here at Maryville College. Allison has been involved in writing and editing for the Highland Echo staff for three years. This year she has taken on the role of Editor-in-Chief.

“Last year, I told myself I would never take on this job,” Allison admitted when talking about taking on the role as Editor in Chief. “Eventually my mind started to change, and with the right encouragement, I decided I would apply for the position and see what happened.”

All of us in the editorial staff of the Echo agree that she has been doing a wonderful job.

Apart from being a full-time student and editor, Allison works part-time at a thrift store in Church Hill, TN. This offers her an inexpensive way to fill her closet with garments of all shapes and sizes. Before this interview, I always wondered how someone could have so many different, seasonal outfits on a college student’s budget.

“I love clothes,” said Allison with a laugh. “You should see my closet. It is overflowing.”

Allison also enjoys photography and has even had her photographs showcased in 2016 at an upscale restaurant and historic inn in Rogersville called Hale Springs Inn.

“I love to photograph the people in my life,” said Allison. “I have made it into a sort of business–photographing weddings and events for friends.”

You can check out some of Allison’s photography on Facebook.

Allison enjoys a close relationship with her family, especially her sister Jenna Franklin and her fiancé Noah Goley.

“I’ve always been close with my both my papaw and grandmama,” said Allison. “They have both been inspiring in different ways to me throughout my life.”  

Allison is also very fond of her very old, diabetic cat named Hershey Franklin.

“Hershey was given to me as a gift when I was in first grade,” said Allison. “I’m always happy to go home and see him.”

If you see Allison on campus make sure to say “Hey!” and maybe even strike up a conversation.

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