Meet the Editors: Rachel Britt

With constant charm and candidness, even at 9 a.m., the Echo’s graphics editor, Rachel Britt, is a shining example of what Maryville College has to offer.

Born and raised in Maryville, Tenn., Britt chose to attend Maryville College as a Graphic Design major. Along with being an editor for the Echo, Britt is a dance captain for the Maryville College Dance Ensemble and a first soprano in the choir.

Britts job requires her to design the layout of the newspaper before it is printed, and it is not easy.

“The job is not strenuous long term, but for two days it is very very stressful,” she said. “You are having to design an eight-page paper in one day. I like to work on things a little at a time, and in one day thats just not possible.

Despite the difficulties, she does not regret working for the Echo.

“I love it,” she said. “I am so glad I had this opportunity to work for ‘The Highland Echo.’ I really wish I would have known in the past that someone like me could have come in and write for the paper if I wanted to. I want to get the word out there.

Britt also completed her senior thesis this year. She created a logo, branding and a portrait series for the fourth wave of feminism.

“I included both men and women in my thesis,” she said. “Its everybody. Everybody is welcome into this group. It’s called ‘All Feminism,’ and thats the new wave that I am trying to start up with my branding design. The biggest thing, is we are all different. We are all human, and we deserve to have the same equity and equality in this world.

Even with the work she does at the Echo, and finishing out her last year at Maryville College, Britt still finds time to have fun.

She shared a few of her pop culture favorites.

Britts favorite band is Odesza.

“If you dont know them, you are a loser,” Britt joked while eating her breakfast. “Im kidding, but they are amazing.”

She also loves Moulin Rouge and admitted that it has been her favorite movie since she was in eighth grade.

Even on Saturdays, Britt keeps busy.

“This Saturday I am photographing a wedding, and I love doing that,” she said.

She also works at the Clarence Brown Theater in Knoxville.

“My Saturdays are usually taken up by sleep, work and food,” she said.

Britt graduates with the class of 2018 and leaves behind what she thinks is the most important lesson.

“Being content or having comfort is different than being truly happy,” she said. “Dont get those two confused.

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