New year, new faces, same integrity

With the new school year starting up with a roar, there is no better way to kick off a fresh year than with some fresh faces.

Maryville College has added six new professors to its list of academic geniuses: Dr. Regina Benedict, Dr. Anna Engelsone, Dr. Jennifer Flynn, Dr. Wei Fu, Irene Guerinot and Dr. Lu Sun.

On top of those newly introduced, current MC professors are also joining in the new beginnings on campus with promotions, title changes and reassignments.

MC broadens students’ horizons by increasing the number of professors who come from a diverse background.

Dr. Regina Benedict, new lecturer in criminal justice, has an intense background in sociology. She previously taught sociology and social problems at Pellissippi State Community College.

Having a background in social sciences gives her an edge in understanding criminal law. She is able to better interpret the actions and thoughts of individuals because of her intense comprehension of how people in society behave.

Students taught by Benedict will have a better understanding of criminal law because she is able to help them understand the reasoning behind people’s actions in a unique and more wholesome approach because of her background.

Dr. Anna Engelsone is a new assistant professor of mathematics. Her concentration lies in computer science and applied mathematics.

In addition to teaching, she has also been a research assistant at North Carolina State University where she personally worked with scientists to conduct mathematical experiments.

Coming from such an intricate and intense background of knowledge, MC is certain she will be an exceptional addition to its family.

Engelsone will benefit her students in that, not only will they learn specific mathematical skillsets, but they will also be able to go to her for questions about current research. Englestone is another example of why MC is unique with its choice of educators.

Dr. Wei Fu is the new assistant professor of marketing whose Ph.D. is in retail, hospitality and tourism management. Fu brings a bright new perspective to MC with her passion for teaching international marketing.

One of Fu’s top research interests is Chinese-inspired products.  With Fu’s passion for cultural industries, she will bring depth and diversity to the marketing curriculum and open up new concepts for students taking her classes.

When asked about her work, Fu explained that marketing is different from country to country. For instance, in China, the focus in marketing is mainly on past and current trends, and in the U.S., there is added focus on future trends.

Fu also explained why she loves teaching at MC so much. “I like the one on one time with students,” said Fu. “Meeting different students every semester is quite interesting.”

Fu also commented on how nice the faculty at MC is. “I have very friendly colleagues,” said Fu of the other professors who make her feel welcomed by inviting her to eat lunch with them daily.

Irene Guerinot is a new lecturer in physics. On top of being fully skilled for the job, Guerinot has over 20 years of experience in scientific research involving physics. She also has over 15 open literature publications.

Guerinot will be a huge asset to the Division of Natural Sciences because she possesses the research experience to aid, push and power students even further in their academic careers.

Dr. Lu Sun is the new face in the Division of Humanities. She is a visiting instructor of history, but her horizon spreads much more broadly than just that.

Sun earned her bachelor’s degree from Anhui University in Hefei, China, earned her master’s degree from Vanderbilt University, and is continuing her education by working towards a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt in United States history.

Due to her broad horizon in her academic career, Sun will bring a much wider perspective and unique teaching experience to the Division of Humanities.

Her specific teaching interests include Chinese history, modern East Asian history, United States and East Asian relations and history of New York City.

Her cultural diversity makes for a huge advantage for her students and the college.

All six of these teachers have things in common: drive, passion and unique experiences that aid them in being the best of the best.

Without professors like these, MC would not be the place that it is today, and the school takes a lot of pride in knowing that each and every one of its professors is of the highest level of excellence.

All photos courtesy of Maryville College website.

Dr. Regina Benedict joins Maryville College as a Lecturer in Criminal Justice.
Dr. Regina Benedict joins Maryville College as a Lecturer in Criminal Justice.
Dr. Anna Engelsone joins the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics.
Dr. Anna Engelsone joins the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics.
Dr. Jennifer Flynn joins the Division of Education as a Visiting Instructor of Exercise Science.
Dr. Wei Fu joins the Division of Social Sciences as an Assistant Professor of Marketing.
Dr. Wei Fu joins the Division of Social Sciences as an Assistant Professor of Marketing.
Irene Guerinot joins the Division of Natural Sciences as a Lecturer in Physics.
Dr. Lu Sun joins the Division of Humanities as a Visiting Instructor of History.
Dr. Lu Sun joins the Division of Humanities as a Visiting Instructor of History.

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