No, no, Glen Coco: What not to do as a freshman on a college campus

It is hard to believe that almost an entire academic year has passed by already.

It seems like just last month I was prancing into the first day of seventh grade with my brand new pixie haircut (it’s a cute image, but it soon grew out into a rattail. I assure you I was the most redneck-looking male at Webb School of Knoxville, and I didn’t even have the parts…).

And only last week, Windsor Wall was picking me up to drive me to my very first day at West High School.

Heck, I feel like it was only yesterday that I walked across the stage at high school graduation, and now, I am part of a choir that is preparing to sing the Alma Mater and the Lutkin Benediction at the graduation ceremony for the class of 2013.

Watching all the wonderful seniors preparing for their very last finals week, it is daunting to think that I will (hopefully) be in that position only three years from now. They have accomplished so much.

Lauren Voyles presented her thesis at a huge religious convention. Walker Harrison is already making plans to try his hand at professional theatre next year and Windsor Wall has been promoted from my personal high school chauffer to begin her studies in social work at the University of Tennessee in the fall.

I can only hope to be as successful as they are by the time I’m in their shoes.

Seeing all these inspirational people graduating before me inspires my advice for my final column: do not underestimate the power of being a freshman.

Although we may all feel like timid, unsure, beginning-of-the-year freshman on the inside, I see a brilliant collection of students on this campus with so much potential.

I am already excited to see how MC changes throughout the time I am here, and that change begins now.

Even though it feels like school is winding down, a brand new year will be starting up in just a couple of months, and there is so much we can do to prepare.

If you are one of those students that sleeps through your alarm, start saving up for a high tech alarm clock that beeps, vibrates and flashes lights in your face because there is a very strong possibility that your 8 a.m. microbiology class will be the igniting spark to you becoming the next big inventor.

You could be Alexander Graham Bell, but you can’t change the face of human communication if you don’t get out of bed.

If you are frustrated with the food options or the way that food services is currently run, take some time this summer to write down what it is that you want changed and how you want to fix it. Then, find one of your SGA representatives and propose your ideas.

Additionally, if you are discouraged by the way the campus is being led and the dishonor occurring with the presence of secret societies, set up a meeting with Vandy Kemp and get something done about it.

This is your chance to make sure that your campus is being treated the way that you want it to be, so step up and be a leader. You do have a say about the administration of the college. You could be the next Barack Obama, but you can’t change the leadership of the country if you are too shy to stick up for what you believe for.

I am not saying that Maryville College will produce famous inventors and artists and politicians, but it is absolutely possible. Assuming that we get out of bed, get organized and be proactive.

Don’t ever underestimate your ability because of your age.

Just sometimes, as Dolly Parton tells us, “If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain.” And I, for one, see a very colorful future for us. So get to it MC!

Let’s get rid of all the rain, and let the sunshine begin!

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