Off Kilter celebrates 10-year anniversary with alumni

While athletic programs and location identify most colleges and universities, Maryville College chooses to be represented in more varied ways apart from other academic institutions. From its famous liberal arts curriculum to its Mountain Challenge and study abroad programs, MC contains a strong repository of representation.

Perhaps one of the most entertaining programs that represent the college is MC’s Off Kilter, a select choral ensemble that is comprised of 12 students. Since 2002, Off Kilter remains a well-known ambassador for the college, continuously performing in banquets, conferences and social events. The homecoming celebration marked a significant performance for the group.

The Saturday of homecoming was the anniversary of Off Kilter and, for the first time, the college hosted an Off Kilter reunion celebration for the occasion.

“It’s a way for [Off Kilter] to take a step back in time to reconnect with each other the joy that comes from singing in a distinct ensemble,” said Stacey Wilner, director of choral music at MC. “You just don’t get that same experience in the real world.” E

than Patterson, a sophomore and current member of Off Kilter, was excited for the occasion.

“I looked forward to singing with those that came before me in this ensemble,” he said. “It’s a big occasion, and a joy to share the experience with them.” The current Off Kilter group joined several Off Kilter alumni to perform “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” a song that has become an Off Kilter staple throughout the years.

Patterson said that he was excited to showcase the group’s new selections in the performance, as well. Off Kilter performed “Bottom of the River’ by Delta Rae, as well as Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

As always, the Maryville College Concert Choir performed, as well. The group performed the selections “Witness” and “Prayer of the Children.” The concert choir also sang “Salvation is Created” and the traditional “Lutkin Benediction,” joined by the Maryville College Alumni Choir.

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