‘Orange and Garnet Float Forever’ at the homecoming parade


Two members of the Maryville College cheerleading squad march near the beginning of the 2107 homecoming parade. – Allison Franklin

The Maryville College homecoming festivities seem to grow more boisterous with each passing year, and this one was certainly no different. From the Alpha Psi Omega (APO) “Ghost Tour” to the Homecoming Dance, the campus was certainly filled with an atmosphere of joy and fellowship with one’s fellow Scots.

The highlight of the week, of course, was the big game against Methodist University, in which our football team won an impressive victory over the Monarchs. Preceding the game was the annual Homecoming Parade in which clubs and classes from all over Maryville College built floats and banners to foster school spirit right before the start of the game.

Representatives from classes past led the parade in a cavalcade of classic automobiles, spreading cheer, memories and candy for all to enjoy. These were flanked by current Maryville College students, who generally opted for the classic float on a trailer pulled by a truckdesign.

Members of the Maryville College teacher education program chant “I am a teacher. What’s your superpower?” – Allison Franklin

Many student organizations were also present. The Global Citizenship Organization had its members awash in international costumes that were a myriad of colors and different national styles. The Scots Science Scholars, or S-Cubed, had a float made out of a Nissan Cube as part of a pun that works on many levels.

One group that had an especially large following was the Education Department led by Dr. Terry Simpson, Professor of Secondary Education and director of teacher education. The group chanted, Im a teacher, whats your superpower?

The Maryville College Democrats (MC Dems) partnered with Blount County Animal Shelter and walked two dogs, Gordy

and Wendy, in front of a black Cadillac. With MC Dems carrying signs that read “Best (picture of a donkey) on campus” and the animal shelter sporting the slogan “Adopt your new best friend at Blount County Animal Shelter,” it was truly an intriguing mesh of ideas.

Both the Scotties Dance Team and the Maryville College cheerleading team were also present, continuing the trend of student groups spreading cheer and candy to the numerous children who watched the parade.

Members of the class of 1957 carry a banner with the signatures of fellow members of this graduating class. – Allison Franklin

The MC Gamers and the Student Veterans Association also marched in the parade, as did the LGBTQ+ Alliance and, of course, the floats for each class of currently enrolled students at the college. Of special note was the senior class float in 


which one rider had a cardboard hat made to look like the Anderson Hall bell tower–flag and all–which he wore to great aplomb from the audience.

All in all, as far as Maryville College traditions go, the homecoming parade is always one of the best, if not also one of the liveliest. With alumni involvement and an atmosphere that can only be described as replete with pure joy, one cannot understate how fun it is to be involved with the parade, even as an onlooker.

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