Peter is the worst Bachelor ever!

The 24th season of “The Bachelor” has been quite suspenseful so far! The Bachelor, Peter Weber, started dating a total of thirty women at the beginning of the season, and he is now down to only four. Because of Peter’s decisions so far, most fans call him the worst Bachelor in history.

Peter was previously on the past season of “The Bachelorette” competing with other men to marry Hannah Brown, but Hannah sent him home heartbroken. When Hannah ended up not marrying anyone after her season, she and Peter tried to rekindle things. Still, she left Peter heartbroken.

Hannah and Peter have been drawn close to each other, but some think Hannah just wants the attention. At the beginning of this season, Peter even brought Hannah on his show to host a competition for the girls in a group date, which ended up making the whole episode about Hannah.

Peter is now left with four girls to choose from, but most fans think he has been making the worst decisions on who to continue dating. Peter has tended to lend nothing but the drama between the girls, and it even seems like he has been rewarding it. Of the women Peter has been dating, Kelley has appeared to be the most mature and sophisticated of them all, but Peter sent her home last week, leaving all of Bachelor nation shocked!

Rebecca Branton, Mattie Wheeler, Cierra Fontinell, Sarah Cardall, and Elea Forester watch “The Bachelor” together every week.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Cardall.

“Peter came onto ‘The Bachelor’ while he was still getting over Hannah Brown. She even showed up in the beginning of this season and broke his heart all over again,” said sophomore international studies major Sarah Cardall. “It’s obvious from how he always asks the girls on the show how they’re feeling with him that he’s still very insecure. I think that he’s looking for a girl that is completely obsessed with him so that he won’t get rejected again.”

Junior history major Eleanor Forester shared her thoughts on how Peter is considered the worst Bachelor.

“I think Peter Weber is doing a poor job as the Bachelor. He has become known to reward drama amongst the contestants, but that’s not even what upsets me the most,” Forester said. “What really grinds my gears is Peter’s tendency to manipulate the emotions of the women on the show. Whenever a contestant tells him that she is feeling doubtful or having a hard time, Peter is quick to turn the conversation into a one-sided interview.”

“When Kelley the attorney did not fawn all over Peter, treat him like a God or reveal some deep personal trauma to him, Peter saw it as a personal flaw and became unhappy with her. I think this is extremely unhealthy behavior and reflects his ego,” Forester said. “The show needs a bachelor who truly values the ideas and emotions expressed by the contestants and is genuinely curious about them. I think Mike from Hannah Brown’s season of the Bachelorette would be a great pick.”

Honestly, nobody can know what Peter’s true feelings and intentions are except for him. He may seem like he is not ready to be the Bachelor or not prepared for marriage. Although, I am sure ABC intensifies the show more than just what’s needed for publicity.

Peter may be considered the worst Bachelor in history, but he may just be following his heart. Each of us would do the same if it were marriage we were talking about.  

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