Seniors toast to post-grad success at Brews and Bonfires celebration

In celebration of their academic accomplishments, graduating seniors at Maryville College gathered on the Crawford House yard on April 3 for Brews and Bonfires. Hosted by the Fermentation Sciences department, the event provided a send-off for the class of 2024, highlighting their achievements and reminiscing on shared experiences.

The event featured a variety of activities designed to foster camaraderie and relaxation. Seniors gathered around bonfires to roast marshmallows, make s’mores and play cornhole together. 

The air was filled with laughter and lively conversation, accompanied by tunes from the speakers in the yard. From nostalgic throwbacks to upbeat anthems, the playlist catered to a diverse range of musical tastes, ensuring there was something for everyone to groove to as they enjoyed the evening’s festivities.

One of the standout features of Brews and Bonfires was “Meg’s Beer,” a specially crafted brew recipe created by senior Megan Ackerman. Ackerman, who has been dedicated to mastering the art of fermentation during her time at Maryville, showcased her talent at the event, delighting her peers with every sip. 

“I’m really proud of how my beer turned out,” Ackerman said, beaming with satisfaction. “It’s pretty cool how they set everything up here, and I’m glad to share [my beer] with everyone else.”

For seniors like Ackerman, Brews and Bonfires was more than just a fun evening; the opportunity to share her passion for fermentation with her peers is a validation of the hard work and dedication she has put into her studies. 

The event earned praise from many, including Josue Monroy, a senior and a Maryville College admissions ambassador, who described it as “cutesy and fun”. Monroy’s sentiment echoed throughout the crowd as seniors enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

“It’s about coming together, celebrating our achievements,” Monroy said. “And what better way to do that than with some beer?”

Brews and Bonfires carried significance beyond being a celebration for graduating seniors. It also marked a brief departure from the college’s typical dry campus policy, signaling a shift towards a more inclusive and relaxed approach to social gatherings. 

The decision to host the event on campus also speaks to Maryville College’s commitment to providing students with opportunities for personal and social growth in a safe and controlled environment. 

For seniors, the event served as a fitting conclusion to their time at Maryville College, and for others, it was a great opportunity for students to meet up and connect with each other. As they prepare to embark on new adventures, they will carry with them fond memories of nights like this spent with friends, enjoying the simple pleasures of good company, good music and good brews.

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