“Spring Fling” Formal Returns After Two-year Hiatus

This year’s April Fools’ Day was certainly eventful for Maryville College students. The Student Programming Board (SPB) hosted the annual Spring Fling dance from 7 to 10 p.m.. 

Sarah Rackley, a member of SPB, said, “Spring Fling is a tradition at Maryville College. It is a formal dance where people have a good time before finals. Students take this time to unwind and have a good time for college core memories.” 

The original plan was to hold the dance outside between Clayton A and Clayton B. However, students were informed last-minute that the dance had been moved to the front foyer of Clayton A. Even before it was time to start, students were lined up at the door, excited to participate in the fun activities offered. 

The last time MC students were able to attend Spring Fling was in 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s theme was “Fool’s Gold.” 

The first 100 students who arrived received a ticket that they could redeem for a collectable “Spring Fling 2022” glass. All 120 attendees received a ticket for food from a food truck. A free coffee truck was also available. 

Once inside, students awaited their turn for the main attraction: “Stuff-a-Plush.” The Student Programming Board offered a variety of animals to choose from, which students could stuff themselves. There were elephants, lions, turtles, sloths and dinosaurs.

A very tall and impressive balloon sculpture of a Scotsman stood nearby, which students helped a balloon artist build earlier in the day. The artist created balloon animals for students throughout the night on request.

Maryville College’s Spring Fling this year- a giant scot! Photo by Idali Reynoso.

While students were enjoying themselves, a DJ produced a night of upbeat and fun songs. Students broke out their smoothest dance moves and encouraged others to join in on the fun.

The last attraction was the photo booth, equipped with props and a dazzling background. After each session of four photos, students could opt to receive their photos by text or email.

However, the night had to end just like any other night. Students slowly started to drift out of Clayton’s Foyer, and the night came to an end. Hopefully, next year provides the same circumstances that allowed this Spring Fling to happen, so that more students can enjoy this annual tradition.

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