Student Actors Prepare for Annual Shadow Cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

As the air gets chillier and Halloween approaches, Maryville College drama enthusiasts prepare for their annual shadow cast performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. With its spooky theming, this show marks the beginning of Halloween season and is a show that any musical lover will not want to miss. 

Rocky is a special show in many ways. For one, this production is open to all students, theater majors or otherwise, extending an opportunity to everyone that wants to be a part of the drama program. It is also student-directed and performed by students, giving it an air of fun and excitement. 

Sophomore performer Colin Hood said of last year’s performance, “Honestly, that month of doing Rocky was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life, so of course, I had to do it again.” 

It appears that the rehearsal process for the show has lived up to last year’s fun so far. The performers have recently begun dress rehearsals in their personalized costumes for the show. They recently got started on costumes. “Seeing everybody in [them] for the first time, and seeing it come together as a show, was really wonderful,”  Hood said.

Wade, Sasha, Phoebe, and Lucy: Sophomore Wade Matthews and freshman Sasha Hoenie perform a scene, along with junior Lucy Reddick and freshman Phoebe Rudd.

The show itself is also exciting for the actors participating. Freshman performer Sasha Hoenie said, “I like that [Rocky] is out of my comfort zone…it stretches my boundaries enough to make me feel like I’m doing something new and exciting.” 

Its risque dialogue, rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack and edgy costumes make for an exhilarating experience, but the show is also funny and entertaining. Sophomore performer Andrew Hastings talked about favorite number from the show, “Rose Tint My World.” He said, “It gives me a chance to be in lingerie and do funny, goofy things.” The suggestive content paired with the humor creates a unique experience. 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast is quite different from a regular theater performance because it is fueled by the audience’s interaction with the actors. Upon their entrance to the show, the audience members are given props and queues on when to shout out certain things to the actors. For instance, during the character Rocky’s birthday party, the audience members put on party hats along with the actors on stage. In this way, the show is a truly interactive experience for the audience. 

Hoenie said The Rocky Horror Picture Show is “energetic and fits with the spooky Halloween season.” These words ring true. Rocky is fit with a funny and exciting plotline, great music, elaborate costumes and a fun-loving cast. 

As Hood said, “Watching Rocky, you will have the most fun you’ve ever had in your entire life. It is a no-judgment zone. Everyone is just there to have a good time and yell at a TV screen.” 

For those looking for a fun and interactive experience to kick off their Halloween season, seeing the shadow cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is a perfect outing. Performances will be in Lambert Recital Hall on October 14, at both 8 p.m. and midnight.

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