Students share their hopes and excitements for the spring semester.

As the holiday season ends and a new semester approaches, students begin to ponder and wonder what a new semester will look like. From the excitement of athletic events to beginning a new array of classes, the launch of the spring semester can be full of hope, excitement, and anticipation.

Nonetheless, after a year full of questions and uncertainties, the same apprehensions flood into a new semester. Through the uncertainty of how a new COVID-friendly semester may look, there is still hope. There is still light shining through the clouds and excitement of what is to come in a new, blossoming semester. 

There is a multitude of joy and positivity that can radiate from simply finding hope and looking forward as a new season of life approaches. By finding the positivity and the happiness that surrounds us, we can look ahead to a semester filled with excitement and anticipation. 

Many students at Maryville College are looking ahead to what is to come in a new, fresh semester. 

Rebecca Raney, a sophomore at MC, describes one thing she is looking forward to in a new semester. To provide the safest environment for students and staff, masks are required when traveling across campus. Thus, Raney has an exciting hope concerning masks for this semester. 

When asked about what excites her for this semester, Raney said, “This might sound really odd, but I like seeing everyone’s different masks. Some people have got some really intricately patterned ones!” 

Although we have to socially distance ourselves, Raney talked about a hope that we all are excited for: community. One exciting part of a new semester is the opportunity to see friends again even if everyone has to remain masked and socially distanced. 

 “I’m excited to see some friends, even socially-distanced,” Raney said.

In the spring semester, students look forward to graduation and the celebration of starting a new chapter. Senior Meaghan Jones explained one excitement as she finishes up her senior year. 

“I am excited to get closer to graduation, and honestly, I am really excited to plant new plants” Jones said.

After graduating from Maryville College, students have the opportunity to begin a new season, and as Jones stated, “plant new plants.”

Community is essential in each semester, and although this semester could look slightly different than normal, there is still hope that we can gather in the near future. Senior Madison Gilliam is excited to possibly have the chance to serve her community once again. 

 “As a Bonner scholar, I am thankful for every day that I am able to physically go into the community and serve,” Gilliam said.

Even more than that, Gilliam described the excitement of future events on campus.

“I would love for it to be safe enough on campus and in our community to have some of the events like homecoming, awards nights, graduation, and even the all-Bonner dinner.” 

The spring semester of 2021 is full of hope and excitement for all. At the beginning of a new year or semester, there is always much anticipation and expectation of what is to come. When looking ahead, we each have outlooks for the future. 

I asked both Jones and Raney what is the one word they would use to describe their feelings for the semester., Jones’ said she was“hopeful”  and Raney said she was “cautious, showing a range of expectations for the semester.

As a new semester (and year) begins, we must not forget to find the little things in life to remain hopeful. From a nice, sunny day to a good laugh with a friend, do not forget the positivity that is present in this world.

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