The Bicentennial year is here!

Banner outside Thaw Hall featuring Isaac Anderson’s well known quote

Let’s celebrate! Why? Because the Bicentennial Year is here. The 2018-2019 academic year is the two hundredth anniversary of Maryville College being in existence. What do students think about being a part of the Bicentennial Class? What is an underclassman’s take on Maryville College being two-hundred years old? What does it mean to be a part of this historical event?

I am honored and excited to say that I am a part of the class of 2019. Personally, it can be somewhat hard to wrap my head around it, because it seems like I just moved in as a freshman, but now I am a senior getting ready to graduate. Yet, at the same time I am very aware that I am a part of something that is a historical moment in the life of Maryville College.

The fact that Maryville College is still standing after two-hundred years of being, says a lot about the college and its students. It means the students are learning and getting education.

When talking to other students on campus there is a shared feeling of honor and excitement. One can almost feel it in the air.

“I think that it’s neat to be a part of this great history that started two hundred years ago. It’s a privilege to have a title that says ‘I am a part of the bicentennial class, From Maryville College,” Said Katie Seagraves, a senior here at MC.

Another bonus for seniors is that when you walk around the campus you know who is part of this year’s senior class. How? Because every once in a while, you will see a bicentennial t-shirt. These t-shirts were given to this year’s senior class during their freshman orientation. As Seagraves said, “it is neat to have a title,” we are a class that wears our title proudly on our chest.

“I’m looking forward to just some enjoyable activities. I’m excited to be able to experience the celebration and be a part of it,” Said Madison Sawyer, member of the graduating class of 2021.

When asked if she had any advice for the 2019 class she was thoughtful for a moment before answering the question, “ I’d say focus on what you want to achieve, don’t let anyone tell you who you are, because the only person that knows you the best is you,” Added Sawyer.

I believe this is very true in many ways. For example, in what we will call “the real world” there will be people who think you are not good enough. After college there will be hard times, but here’s what I can say to the graduating class. You have survived four years at Maryville College, you have graduated, and not only that, but you have a title. You are the Bicentennial Class, you are the graduating class of 2019.

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