The Democratic angle: bipartisanship

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For this issue, I have decided to take a slightly different approach from my previous articles. I have chosen a topic that is important to both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Actually, this topic is essential to the entire United States. This topic is the necessity of bipartisanship. At this time, our country is extremely divided by partisan lines. This is obvious, especially if you look at the presidential elections results. If that is not enough, people have started petitions for their state to be allowed to secede from the United States.

While secession is a horribly overexaggerated example of the clear partisanship in our country, it does reveal the attitudes of certain citizens over the election’s results. After all, it can easily be found that most of the states with the highest number of signatures on their petitions are ones that voted red in the presidential election. Yes, the Republicans lost the presidential election. However, why is everyone seemingly losing their head over this?

After all, the Republicans do still hold majority in the House of Representatives. Our government has a set of checks and balances for a reason. Even though we have a Democratic president and a Democratic majority in the Senate, the Democrats can still not run the government. In other words, Republicans, this is not the end of the world. I promise. If we can manage to get over this partisanship, we might be able to focus on moving our country forward.

Bipartisanship is absolutely necessary for this to occur. If we are to help drive our economy forward, both parties must be willing to compromise over legislation. If not, we will be stuck in exactly the same place we are now for the foreseeable future. The fact is, while checks and balances are necessary to our country, they often make it difficult to pass legislation. However, they do encourage bipartisanship. If Congress wishes to pass anything, they must work across party lines. Now, why is this a problem currently? The lines are almost drawn too deep. It is going to take quite a bit of work and understanding on both sides to encourage compromise once more. In a time of such economic turmoil as the one we are currently fighting through, compromise over legislation must occur. What does this mean? It means that neither party will get everything they want.

If both parties continue to linger over the hopes that they will have full control on all issues, our country will remain stagnant. While the parties do not agree on the topics of abortion, marriage equality, government spending and so many other things, I believe that both parties can agree on the fact that we need some form of change to better our economy. This seems to be the perfect starting point for bipartisanship. What is the next step?

Both parties have to be willing to compromise. How is this achieved? Well, it must begin with us. As citizens of the United States, we must show that we can work together for the better of our country. If we can get over the differences we have on certain issues, we can teach our representatives in the government a lesson. We can show them that we are willing to put aside our squabbles for the improvement of our country. Then, just maybe, we will begin to see change in the government. Compromises between both parties will create change, and this change, hopefully, will lead the United States towards a better future. In other words, next time you think about attacking someone who has different political views then you do, perhaps you should instead find ways that you can get to know that person better and learn how to work with them.

Also, next time you debate attacking the government because your “person” did not win, remember that many other people from your party do hold positions in government. So, in response to those who have the crazy wish to secede from the United States over political views, go ahead. Leave the country. Those of us who are level-headed and have respect for out country will remain behind, learn to compromise and move the United States forward in the world once more.

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